Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 1 of Day 90: Leg and Calf day

Day 1 of Day 90

Figured lets work with a 12 week program. Good start, doable and I am going to do it. I will stay on track by tracking y workouts more effectively and keeping in mind that you can not exercise a bad diet.

Today I started my day with a leg and calf training strength training program that I designed and got in a 20 minute workout after my gruelling workout. Been a while since I started my workout at 6am. I think I am going to do that this week, spruce things up a bit seeing as I have been training later in the morning.

Great pump!!

New Challenge

I am not stranger to the gym, no stranger to clean eating but I could do better in the blogging and tracking department. I like to switch up programs, but because I do not get keep track of weights/sets and reps on paper I know my progress is not effective as it should be.

So that is all about to change. Starting now, starting here. I got a new workout journal where not only can i track my exercises, sets, reps and weight but I can also track my nutrition and my macros. Tracking has just gotten easier, therefore more effective workouts and better use of my time spent working out.

Stay toned to more frequently blogging in my community journal. I see good things happening :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going to the Extreme

Today I am just dragging my feet. i was actually dragging my feet yesterday, but today feels worse. Not sure why, but I starting to think maybe I am overtaining. Not training for anything specific, just that I am not giving my body the rest it needs.

I took the whole weekend off, but was feeling not much like myself. That song blame it on the rain, well it sounded like "blame it on the hormones" all weekend. Monday I felt strong, but not as strong as I should have felt given two days off. Than yesterday, my afternoon workout was tough and I pushed myself through it. Even stretching was tough. This morning my hamstrings kill as does my glutes. Tiredness and soreness, sure indicator for me that I am overtraining.

I can't just sit on the couch. In fact as I blog, i am standing. So with some laundry to do and some cleaning up to do, I will keep myself busy. Busy enough so that I do not feel like I should be running on the treadmill and getting some HIIT. Insane right? Have to give my body a break. Will not see any gains if I push myself beyond my limits. I mean there is coming out of your comfort zone and than there is "overtraining". Fine line for me -- but I think I hit it.

So I will manipulate my diet and see how I feel later. Much later. Maybe curling up with a book and reading, sitting down is not such a bad idea. :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have come along way in my journey and now feel like I am truly at a maintenance level with my weight but really want to see bigger gains in my strength and muscle definition. I'm no talking body building gains but nice leaner muscle. My glutes are coming along as are my abs, but I am still looking for a leaner physique. Of course it will take time, certainly not weeks, possibly way longer than months and hey I am ready to accept it could take years.
I am determine and ready to acknowledge that my physique now took years and every year it is getting better. So of course the tiny package is sure going to take a few more years to tweak and tackle.

But I got time :) I mean this is a life long commitment. I have my friends and attend my share of social events but I keep it clean and make it about the experience, the event not about the eats.

It took me a while to get to this place. I remember a time where attending family/friends events was a punishment for me. Certainly I could not get away from the situation. So I joined in and felt the price of uneasiness and guilt for days and felt on to the sluggish feeling for weeks.

Not any mote. I have learned to trick myself, my desired and foods.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Failing to Plan is Planning to FAIL

New week and I have the week planned out. I have 3 busy days this week is planning is pretty important. Planning with meals, workouts, when and what am i going to do. In between all this I make the time for my daughter and her needs, so planning is that more important. Every minutes counts.

Today was an awesome chest workout - 4 exercises for shoulder, 20 sets total. Yes 20, not a typo. I also did shoulders 3 exercises, 15 sets. And the cardio was intense. 25 minutes on the elliptical in the AM and 30 minutes on the stairmaster and I kicked it up a notch!! HIIT baby and was the sweat pouring. Even while I did abs, I could feel the sweat and boy did it feel great!!

Tomorrow I have a great back workout scheduled and HIIT to follow. Effective workout -- quality not quantity. ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Link to my Progress Pictures

The following link is a place were i like to blog on Sparkpeople. It was a place that I could go to frequently and find people who also were on a journey to improving them self. It is where I went for motivatin and friendship.

I posed some picture of what I looked back in mid-November of 2007, about 20 months after my daughter was born. I weighed about 4 lbs more than I do today. I had more abdmonial fat which makes me look heavier than approximately 105lbs. Interesting to see the difference and I am glad I still had the pictures to show how far I have come.

START PCITURES: Day 1 and Day 2 of Sexy in 70

So I have decided to post some start pictures although keep in mind I have been working hard for months now. I will have to go through some of my old photos and find true start pictures. But for now, here are my progress pictures as of yesterday May 12th.

Stats do not seem to change much, but I will continue to track that along with my weight.

Yesterday I did legs and in co-operated some serious cardio on the treadmill. I did super sets for example of weighted squats and than went straight into jump squats. Did 4 sets of that none stop than jumped on the treadmill and jogged for 3 minutes and than went back to my next pair of 2 exercises which happened to be weighted walking lunges and hack squats -- 4 sets of reps ranging from 10-12 than back on the treadmill for 3 minutes. Quick stretching than did another pair of super sets and than ran, than one last weighted leg sets and finished off with 10 minutes of HIIT. I was sore. Feeling it today as well.

This AM I woke up early as I wanted to get in a strength training workout for biceps and triceps and once again added the interval cardio in between sets. Really way for me to switch it up considering this is my 4th week of doing the same exercises. I also did a circuit challenge for 7 minutes after I was done my 1 hour workout. That was the extra burn I needed. Shower and than breakfast immediately. I am addicted to oatmeal with 1 1/2 scoops of allmax protein. It almost feels like comfort food to me and sometimes I even have the same thing as a meal but I will have 1/4 c of oatmeal instead of 1/2 c and scale down the protein to just 1 scoop. Makes me feel like I am giving myself a treat but it is such a great refuel meal :)

Today is just housework day and catching up with stuff around the house. Monday thru Wednesday I have activities with Madison and programs that it all seems to fall at the waist side. I can keep the place tidy put getting a good cleaning is a Thursday morning thing.

I have some stuff to do to prep for my business. I am looking forward to getting full force into that. Just have to get going and be creative. This will be a good way to get out of my comfort zone. No pressure :)

Note: Close Butt pictures: 33 inches 101.6lbs as of May 12th
Measurments: Chest 32, Waist 23.5, Navel 24.75, Hips 33, Right Thigh 18.75, Left Thigh 18.5

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sexy in 70!!

I was checking out a Buff Mother's blog and she has this great contest in progress. Although I amlate tojoin the contest, I am not too late to join in the fun. Sexy in 70 is what I am going to do. What a cool concept right?

I was going through her blogs and looking at how great she looks. And she has had 4 children all via c-section I believe. I mean truly insipiration isn't it? Well i guess if you saw her photos you would think so, so don't be shy goggle her - buffmother and you will see exactly what I am talking about. So sexy in 70 starts for me tomorrow. Hopefully I am feeling better.

Been feeling sick and I took the day off in hopes of feeling better tomorrow. Today was leg day, powerful legs day and I wanted to make sure that I feel better. So today clean eating is on the agenda especially now that my immune system is not 100%.

Let the countdown begin :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back from Vaction

Vaction was great and sad but true it is over. I am thinking where to next?

We will be a little limited after September as Madison will be in school, so one more trip before September. We have our week in Vegas but we went last September so unsure. We could do a drive to SC again but DH was thinking maybe somewhere in Tennesse. I am thinking California. Maybe :) Well I am still releishing in how much fun we had in Pompano Beach, FL. The resort was great with tons of activitives even for Madison. Some of them we decided against like the BBQ lunches and the Sundae Supremes by the pool. Instead we were in the pool everyday, played mini golf which was on the resort, saw a couple of movies by the pool at night and hit the games room a couple of times. Ping pong is fun :)

I hit the gym 6 of the 7 days I was there and stuck to me routine to the "T".Eating was just as great as I was at home. I did enjoy some desert at TGIF in Miami and a shortstack of New York Cheesecake pancakes at Ihop but that was about it. We went to the Miami Zoo and I had a grilled chicken breast, no fries and loaded up on salad. The only down fault of the chicken was the white bun - but I know we walk enough that I burned that all off before we even left the zoo. I heard singing monkeys -- yes singing monkeys. I have a video of it on my blackberry that I will have to try to retrieve.

Well getting ready to enjoy some outdoor time. It is too nice to be indoors and I promised my daughter we would go out and she could ride her bike, while we take our dog for a walk.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Look at my abs -- and some of the things I do to eliminate the unwanted bloat. Besides the obvious of clean eating and working out ;)

In the past few weeks I have had a couple of people ask me about abdominal bloat. May have something to do with the warmer weather and the fear we women may have of exposing a less than flat midsection. Completely understandable.

The first step in figuring out the cause of abdominal bloating is determining whether it's associated with eating or drinking.

Bloating can be caused by diet especially if one consumes a diet high in salt eats a lot of gas-producing foods, such as dark leafy vegetables or beans. Calcium supplements can also cause gas in some people as it does me.

A simple reflex like inhaling can be the cause of bloating which can happen when even when we eat, chew gum or smoke which can aggravate the discomfort.

One of the main causes of bloating and gas are foods that doesn't get properly absorbed. Sorbitol for example, which is commonly contained in sugar-free gum, is not absorbed by the body. Milk (specifically milk sugar or lactose) is another culprit that our body isn't necessarily engineered to digest. Fructose -the sugar in fruit- is equally not well tolerated by some people.

Ceratin fruits and vegetables, especially when raw, like cauliflower and broccoli that, again, our body doesn't have the right enzymes to digest completely. This feeds bacteria and results in more gas.

In a nutshell our digestive system simply cannot process everything and ingesting ingredients that are harmful to you, will result in undigested food fermenting in the intestines, where bacteria will feed on it and produce more gas.

Bloating is very common in women. However if the problem is persistent, it’s advisable to seek medical advice, as it could be early symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

For pre-menopausal women, bloating is often related to the menstrual cycle and the level of hormones. When hormonal activity is high, stool and gas move more slowly through the intestines, often leading to constipation and bloating in the weeks before the period. Older women on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) also commonly suffer discomfort from bloating.

If abdominal bloating is persistent rather then cyclical, it might be due to a mass such as an ovarian cyst or uterine fibroid. Chronic bloating could also be a sign of an underlying, more serious, liver or pancreas disease.

Women over 50 need to be especially cautious and consult a doctor about any chronic bloating.

Here are some natural remedies for bloating that i suggest to women and I use myself:
Ginger tea
Peppermint tea
Clove oil
Eucalyptus oil
Boiled water with 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon (sweetened with honey, if desired)
Probiotics: Acidophilus and Bifidus (my favorite)
Bloating Dos and Don’ts

A few other pointer:
Drink plenty of water (non-carbonated)
Chew your food thoroughly
Don't talk and chew at the same time. This causes you to swallow air, which causes more gas
Avoid carbonated beverages, chewing gum, highly spiced foods, and too many sweets
Avoid/Minimize dairy products, a majority of people are lactose intolerant
Eat only peeled, cooked seedless fruits and vegetables. Strain the seeds out of tomatoes
Avoid beans, corn (including popcorn), and nuts. Vegetables in the cabbage and onion families, including broccoli and garlic

Here you go -- just a few things I generally recommend/suggest :)

Hope this helps you wonderful women out there. Certainly as noted before, be sure to rule out anything more serious with your doctor.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just a couple of my most recent pictures. I figured it was long over due. I have to find some before pictureds. I almost forget how I look and the progress I have made so far.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Time to find a little balance in my life and take a look at one of my goals, succeeding in the Mary Kay. Yes beuaty products. Just got my kit today and I have to admit I am very excited! I am looking forward to meeting new people, getting out and being around other adults, even mommies and growing my business. We will see how it turns out, but I figure it could be a win-win situation here.

Here is what my lovely kits looks like and the items featured in it. I am looking forward to getting people dolled up and excited about their new line and some of their new products. Just in time for the warmer weather including spring colours, suntanning lotion and firming lotion. Yes firming lotion. May even try some on myself. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


So I have lost track of what day I am on, but I am still working hard and eating well so it is all good. But I do have to admit, I have a new countdown. 12 days til our family vacation to Florida. A week of no schedules, no real work, no commitments except for having fun. We do have a gym at the condo so I will surely be there and a full kitchen, so no excuses to not eat right but most importantly the vacation is all about spending quality time with my family. And we sooooo need it. My husband has been relocated to for the next 3-4 months and we are only on week 3.

The week for the most part go very quickly. I keep myself and Madison busy but it can get kind of lonely. So in the intern I have decided to become a consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics and work along side some great ladies and meet some more great ladies. Probably other moms who too are looking for an outlet. So I have officially started and ready to get underway with that. You will probably see blog pertaining to that as well.

And I joined a gym :) I have the equipment at home, but I figured why not. Once again a new atmosphere will be nice and meeting new people and just having more of a variety of equipment. Certainly all that can not hurt. Madison has a 2 hour program on Monday and Wednesday that gives me the time to go. Maybe I can get some extra cardio in on a different piece of equipment. Commit to doing my abs on a more regular basis and just have fun. Madison program run till the end of June and than she starts up in JK in September so that will leave me with every Monday and Wednesday and every alternate Friday to get in a workout. So it will be manageable and a routine I can stick too. I love routines.

Saturday was my recovery day. Did groceries, went to the coffee shop with DH and had sometime to catch up. Sunday I did legs before Madison Junior Sports class and got in an extra cardio session at night. This morning I slept in a bit but was working out shoulders, biceps and triceps before 7am. The plan after dropping Madison off today is to get in a cardio workout at the gym and some abs. So a nicely planned day.

And most importantly is keep the eating clean. I have bikini's to wear :) Hmmmm I wonder if I need another one? Probably not.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Day 17 - Stuck to my cardio routine and boy did I sweat. Eating was fantastic, despite the urge to eat everything in the house. Had some chamomile tea, had a piece of a protein bar and all seemed right with the world :) Of course taking a dosage of my supplement chroium did not hurt either. I love my supplements :)

Day 18- Today was back, chest and abs day and dd I just kill this workout!! mean I killed it. I feel so strong and lifted more weight than EVER. I increased the weight for bent over BB and for Underhand grip pulldown, my back is still tingling even after stretching. 35 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill and my whole body was just done! I mean done :) I slept in last this morning so I my workout did not happen til just after 10am but boy was it a good switch. I may have to do this every now and again. Later workouts -- maybe they will work for me. Who knew? :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 16 - Importance of Eating Clean

In the first week of tracking my foods and being consistent with my clean eating despite a cheat meal of ice cream I lost almost 5 lbs and a full inch of the small of my waist and 1/2 inch around my navel. Coincidence? NOPE!! Smart eating, is the key. I looked at my macros, my quality of food and eating intervals. Eating every 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours help maintain my energy and keep my blood sugar levels stable. I did feel more energized and the variety and colours of my food was great. I did not feel deprived in any way although the first couple of days was tough. I was craving something sweet. So I stuck to the occasional sugar free jello and chewed sugar free gum. Just my body going through some withdrawal.

Now I can put that all behind me and keep going forward with the powerful workouts. Today was shoulder, biceps and triceps. I biked my way through 30 minutes of vigorous pedalling in my bike and worked up a good sweat.

The rest of the week plan is as follows:
Wednesday: Cardio 2 20 minutes HIIT OR 2 45 min steady cardio or a combination of the two
Thursday: Chest, Back, Abs
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Recovery
Sunday: Light Cardio

Thankfully we do not have anything planned for the weekend, although I do plan to visit my mom on Friday, but getting up early for that shoulder workout first :) I am enjoying this routine and more importantly I have the energy for it. Never under estimate the importance of a great diet. You can not exercise a BAD DIET!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Days 13, 14, 15 - CATCH UP!!

So first weekend DH home and unfortuantely it went by so fast!!! He was home just after 10:30 Friday night and left Sunday around 6ish pm. We had a great weekend with family on Sunday for Easter Sunday, but the whole Saturday we were B-U-S-Y.

After loading a load of his work laundry for the week and having breakfast we went our for coffee. I stayed true to my tall black americano and enjoyed every sip. Do not drink much coffee and generally just limit it to one day on the weekend. Sometimes I enjoy a broscotti but I knew I had some chocolate chip cookies to bake so I had to save my calories for that. So I enjoyed 3 late Saturday night with a nice hot cup of tea. Very good and worth the wait. And of course Madison loves baking so it was an extra treat doing that with her. Clean eating all day even though we were out and about. I did not get in a traditional workout but we walked the trail with the dog for an hour at a local dog park, so that was nice. Very light walking, nothing streneous but it was great to enjoy the weather and time with the family.

Sunday morning I got up early for some intense cardio of 40 minutes on the elipitical and bike. Than it was off to my mom's for a visit and lunch at 1pm. I stuck to the safe grilled chicken, brown rice and salad and as for dessert I share my mom's piece of triamsu and had a coffee. I did not over due and quite honestly the rest of the day was clean eating. Even with the chocolate that my daughter got. I had a small piece of some sem-sweet chocolate and that was that. Just did not want it. I was full from lunch, especially with the rice. I generally do not have that large portion of rice in one sitting.

This morning, Day 15 I had an awesome leg workout and I felt pumped!!! Did a great 30 minutes run on the treadmill and felt like I could keep going. But I was hitting 75 minutes of working out and though I should just get in a great cooldown and stretching and get some much needed food in me. So workout is compltely out of the way for today. Awesome way to start of my Monday. The rest of the day is free to enjoy our outing with the dog is the rain holds off and a walk to the library.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 12 -- Burn baby burn

Who would have thought that a shoulders workout would take so much out of me. I also did biceps and started doing tricep kickbacks with very light weight. As I completed one workout I stretched them out and boy was it so hard to cradle my elbow. Than I moved on to set 2 and did the same stretch. I looked at what was planned and I figured I was just heading to a bad injury. So I went into my cardio workout and finished off strong on the elliptical. I have had a great week and my body is changing - I can see it.

Incredible how my cleaning has been. And I am seeing the difference in my abs region and I am loving it. I wish my mid-section could lean out quicker, but I have to have patience and continue to focus on my strength and how focused I am in. For now that will have to be enough, until I start seeing more of a 6 pack :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 11 - Change of Plans

So after warming up and mentally preparing myself for shoulders, triceps and biceps -- I changed my mind. My triceps were sore, so so so sore. So I thought instead of isolating theses tiny muscle groups I would just do back, chest and abs with getting in shoulder work tomorrow. Even stretching my triceps in between chest sets were tough. just really stiff and I had to be sure to slowly ease into a triceps stretch. Not pretty. Well they kind of are :) I am really liking the shape of my arms. And my lower body is coming along nicely as well. not as quickly, but rather nicely :)

Eating has been great -- never better :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 10 - Cardio

Today is day 10 and I woke up feeling broken. Like I slept with 100 lbs of concrete blocks on me. I felt stiffer than stiff, and stiffer than i ever felt before. So I hit the snooze button only to have my 4 year old daughter tell me it was time to get up an hour later. So my planned AM cardio did not happen right away -- but it did happen :) 45 minutes on the treadmill of at a steady pace and really cranked the inclines. Felt great and my glutes -- well they are sore. But tomorrow I will listen to my body. Tomorrow is my biceps, tricep, shoulder workout :) I think the triceps can handle it now. I hope. I will push through it but will not comprimse my form to lift heavy. I may lift sem-heavy and play around with the weights as I have a planned chest and back workout on Friday. Got to get those big muscle workouts in.

Eating is going well and tracking it all. Proud of myself. Very proud and even with Easter around the corner I am feeling completely in control :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 8 and Day 9 - Powerful workouts - Good Clean Eating

Yesterday plan to work biceps, triceps and shoulders had to altered. WHY? Because my triceps were sore. Let me rephrase that, they were SO OH SO SORE. They still are. Taking of my shirt or even putting a hair tie in my hair HURTS!! So I decided I would do shoulders and abs along with 35 minutes of cardio. Awesome workout. Eating was clean, although I ate more than planned. But all good eats, mainly carbs that I did not plan because I was so hungry. Let me rephrase that I was SO OH SO HUNGRY. I started feeling the guilt kick in - the oh my why can't I just follow what was planned. But I pushed it as side and instead recognized that my body needed it. And my response to feed it was a good one. My lifestyle is not about restricting calories, it is about choosing the right ones. And I did.

So nothing to feel defeated about.

This morning was Legs and powerful, powerful workout. My hamstring were still slightly sore from Thursday workout but I was able to push through it with ease and did not have to adjust the weight at all. So today I have my meals planned and if I have to adjust to accommodate this machine body of mine, I will. Guilt free!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 7 - Designated Cheat Day

Recovery day and cheat day go hand in hand, right? Well for me today it was.I figured I would keep Sunday as a cheat and rest day. Seeing as my husband will be relocating for work Monday thru Friday and coming home for the weekend, this would be as good a time as ever. I figure the 2 most important refuel items are green curry chicken and Marble Slab ice cream.

So today was ice cream. Cheesecake flavoured ice cream, fresh raspberries and graham cracker. So yummy. And of course we can not forget the cone -- waffle. i got a child size and it was so good. So not that is it. Back to plan, back to clean eating and workouts.

My workouts routine this weeks are as follows:
Monday: Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps AM PM Cardio 20 minutes
Tuesday: Quads, GLutes, Hams, Calves AM
Wednesday: 2 cardio sessions (2 20 minutes of HIIT or 45 min of steady cardio or a combination of the two)
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Back, Chest, Abs
Saturday: 30 minutes of cardio
Sunday: Recovery and Refuel day.

My body, hamstring and triceps are feeling if from my last 2 workouts. I love it :) I secretly LOVE IT!!!!

I am staying strong to this schedule

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 6 - Chest, Back and Abs and the LOSS

I am no stranger of the scale. In fact we have a love, hate relationship. Interesting enough today, the scale and I were friends. After that hard day to not eat everything in sight I jumped on the scale this AM and say a 2.2lbs lost. So I have to be happy with that and not jump on til at least the end of next week. Doable, yes!! Well I better put the darn thing away.

Pictures will also help with the progress. And although I am not leaning to an exact # on the scale, there is a look I am going for. I hope I know what it is when i get there :) Well I know. A far more toned and tight look. Not a figure/bodybuilding look. I know it would be to taxing on my body, but a bikini body would be sweet, wouldn't it?

I'll know it when I see it :)

Maybe next weekend when DH gets a little downtime I can get him to take pictures. My eating is what is going to carry me through. After yesterday, I can see how true that really is for me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 4 and 5

Day 4: Recovery. Mainly because I was feeling sorry for myself. Not sure why, just one of those days. But before I went to bed last night I told myself, no more, I was getting up early and having a hardcore workout first thing in the morning

Day 5: Hardcore workout happened!! And I felt great!! My eating has been on par and well I have been chewing gum like a cow grassing on grass. None stop!! And now that the day is coming to a close I am thinking of the grapes in the fridge. The multi-grain fig newtons that I bought for my daughter. I am thinking of everything not in my plan. And my next meal is an hr and a half away. Boy is this going to be a long evening. And well, I feel like throwing in the towel. That is probably why I have booted up my computer and typing away. hoping to see some clarity in the whole thing. I have to get my act together especially with DH only days away from leaving for 5 days at a time. than coming back for the weekend. The only thing that is keeping me sane is that we have a vacation we are all going together too. Florida, departing April 24th for a whole week. Paul, my daughter and I. Just the three of us and that sounds so nice. Calms me ..... well almost.

So have to stay the course. Chug the water, chew the endless number of sticks and keep my goal and my tight toned body in a bikini in less than 30 days .... 27 days to be exact I believe. I can do it. I have too.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 3 -- Recovery

Today I decided was my recovery day. I worked out legs on Sunday, chest, back and shoulders on Monday and yesterday was biceps and triceps. So naturally I figured a recovery day was in order. Than I will repeat it all again tomorrow.

Today decided to enjoy the day with my daughter. We went to the park, while I relaxed and read today, and I got some stuff done in between calls. Figured enjoy the moments while I can. :)

My eating is on track and followed my plan yesterday but had to many hard candies. Apparently theses candies had 50% less sugar, but let me tell you all they made me feel was gassy and full. I through the rest out. My upper belly was so bloated and round and I was so incrediably uncomfortable when I went to bed. No more candy for me!!! I was worse than how I feel when I have chew too much gum. I have identified it and am moving past it! Nothing is going to get in my way of slim, trim looking abs.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 2 of Committment

Work up early this AM and did biceps and triceps, along with 25 minutes steady run on the treadmill. Once again felt great to get that out of the way :) Tomorrow maybe a recovery day for me, see how the body and all my limbs feel. My quads feel strong today.

I have not been sleeping as well as I would like. For days now, I believe Friday night, Saturday and Sunday night I have had just weird, weird dreams. Crazy really, frightening, but of course none of it makes sense. Other times I can not remember exactly what they were, just that they were distributing. Last night was no exception. Not sure why. Maybe the anxiety of DH being gone for a week at a time. This relocation of his job for the next few months is going to be hard. But I will manage.I have my girl to keep me busy and with the great weather I know we will do some great things outdoors and take some great walks. Get her bike out and ride to the park. Than their is Sadie, our family dog. We can take her to the trail. Madison always loved that. Yes after being at work for months, it is time to catch up with my daughter. She sure is going so fast.

no for the meal plans today. All planned out and I have some tiplaia defrosting in the fridge. Going to make a nice fish dish with brown rice and vegetables for the whole family tonight. Well now to get on with my day :) What a great day it is, despite the rain.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1 of New Committment (continue)

Day 1 is coming to a close for me. And it was a good one. I had a great workout this morning as mentioned in my previous blog. Three sets of 10-12 reps of barbell chest press, dumbbell Incline chest press, lat pulldowns, one-arm row, pull downs, shoulder press, lateral and frontal raises. I did a total for 25 minutes on the elliptical. Felt great and my eating was on par. 6 meals, evenly spaced which has been a challenge for me since I started back at work.

I did make a bulk barn run but I got no sugar added hard candy and had one. They are tiny pieces about the size a dime. The mint candy kept my mind free of what I really wanted, so I am ok with my decision. I have found that gum makes it worse, because I start chewing like a mad woman and put one piece after another. Before I know it I have chewed the whole pack. So that hard candy are here to stay for now.

Stay tuned for another great day tomorrow ;)

Day 1 of New Committment

So I have always been committed.... but I stray. And sometimes I stray from my clean eating weeks at a time. Having a good day and than a not so good evening. Only to wake up with determination to make it right. To only stray again days later......

Well the cycle stops, right now, today. Not tomorrow or next month. But today.

I am no stranger to working out, but with all I know about eating and nutrition planning you think I would have that under control. Well not so much - until now :)

So I am recommitting to blogging, following a new eating program and working out, making every minute count. I started today by a great strength training workout for chest, back and shoulders. Cardio on the elliptical for 25 minutes. Hoping to get back and get some more cardio in this afternoon. I have to pace myself. I know :)

I started putting our winter clothes away and started looking at some of the more spring/summer clothes I wore last season and I am thinking wow, those are some short shorts :) Time to really get busy and stay the track. I can do it. So stay tuned to some great progress. It is going to happen and just in time for our family vacation!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Almost a month has gone by....

Since my last post. Wow how time flies. Workouts have been great but my nutrition has been hot and cold. I have to start fueling my body well throughout the day as it seems by 4pm I am ready to raid the convenience store candy bar aisle. And occasionally I have.

So new meal plan underway while I stick to my strong workout. The workouts are very strong now to clean up the eating. 61 days left till vacation -- as of tomorrow.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

90 days til Vacation :D

I am pumped with my new program and my new eating schedule. The introduction to good fats from nuts is really helping me crave things that I am trying to avoid. It appears to be regulating my blood sugar levels. Yesterday workout was awesome and I burned over 360 calories in less than 55 minutes. Felt great to sweat it out and I feel strong. Today is HIIT and I that felt great!! I am hoping to get another HIIT workout in today. Maybe on the elliptical this time. Maybe another run on the treadmill. Still have not decided.

What I do know is that I have this new found stable energy and that is what I want to focus on. I want to focus on getting to a leaner body and forgetting what the scale says. I will rely more on my measurements of course and how I feel. How my clothes fit and what this good nutrition will do to my skin and nails. Looking forward to it. Planning all my meals each and every night, so that I am ready to face a brand new day -- full of good wholesome stuff.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

hurting morning.... WOO HOO :D

My plan this AM was to get in a chest workout but my sleep was interrupted three times and waking up at 3:45am just wasn't so appealing anymore. So I got an extra hour of shut-eye, which suited me just fine because my body is sore, especially my hamstrings.

I had a great run on my treadmill yesterday running over 3 miles in 30 minutes HIIT style. My legs were screaming, even more so because of my Tuesday AM Leg workout. So a rest day for me, I believe (and my body would agree) is what my body needs.

Tomorrow I will do the 4am workout and get chest. Looking forward to it. Now to get through my work days and meeting scheduled. Hopefully 4pm rolls around quickly.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


On to day 2 of my new workout routine this morning at 4am. Had a great leg workout and I was feeling slight soreness in my back from yesterdays back workout. Loving my new elliptical and already feeling stronger after consistently using it for a week.

Eating has been on par today but I would be lying if I did not think of deviating from my plan at least half a dozen times. But so far now at 4:30pm I have avoid the chocolate. I felt like this yesterday and I gave into large amounts of chocolate cover almonds. It made me feel good but of course only temporary until the guilt started sinking in.

That is going to be my best challenge, not snacking on crap. So one day at a time. I know I can do it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have been completely overwhelmed with work and client visits, quarterly presentation planning and just stressing out. I did not know this what I would be signing up for so soon into my new job position. But yesterday went well. I went into a breakfast meeting had already eaten so coffee and so fresh fruit was enough. Managed to get in a protein drink in between and back for executive sandwiches for lunch. Stuck to chicken deli on dark rye bread and did not even as much as give the dessert tray a second look. Ruined my night with Chinese food. Oh well, did not over do it at all but the scale reflected a 0.8oz gain, so 102.8 lbs it is.

So new leaf. Looking to record all my food intake for the next 100 days. Need to complete 4.5 hour of workouts per week, consisting of at least 4 strength training and cardio sessions. My XT and I are going to be good friends. DH agreed to an elliptical and wasted no time helping me look for one, pick-up and assemble the same day. Woohoo :)

So today makes Day 1 and I am ready to focus on clean eating. My refuel meal will be this Sat as we have a babysitter all lined for Saturday night so we can celebrated my husband's 37th b-day. So I am going to look at the menu in advanced - chicken, veggies, nothing satueed, no wine a bit of dessert and that is it. Than I am going to go at least 7 days till another refuel day and so forth. I will do it :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

SUN JAN 10TH - DAY 1 OF 100

Up at 6am to get in a workout after taking 3 unplanned days off. I was pretty pissed of with myself, but after todays workout I feel better.

So new measurements, new goals the start of my 100 day personal challenge. I am going to be more accountable. I mean consistently really is not a problem, it is that the moment I derail even slightly from my plan I get discouraged and have this whole self-doubt and self hate. Got to work on that :)

So some serious improvements needed for 2010. And I am up for the challenge.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Tomorrow is Day 1 out of 100. I am starting Sunday January 10th and finishing April 20th, 2010.

I am all set and going to commit to 4 days of lifting and at least 4 days of cardio. Going to focus on eating clean, fueling my body and manipulating my calories and microphones to get the results I am looking for. First goal is to lose 0.25 inches off all my measurements - waist, navel, thighs and butt/hips. I can not wait.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Why do I feel like it just is not ENOUGH.....

Disappointed in myself. Not only was I unable to get out of bed this morning for my 4am workout but I indulged in some snacking last night. At 9pm I was cracking open shelled peanuts and I had 3 fist fulls. OK my fists are pretty small but still not part of the plan. Scale this AM showed no gain but that is not the point.

So I went to bed feeling guilty and thought OK really time to stick to my goals. So I thought I have been successful when I challenged myself, put up deadline. The thing is losing weight is not a priority for me but losing body fat is, so I will look at that. I do wish I had a more accurate way of tracking it.

I know I have come along way and even with the recent changes of working full-time being out of the house 60 hours a week I have been discipline enough to workout at least 4 days a week, pack my lunch everyday and really try to take care of myself. But I wonder why that is not enough? It should be right? Well maybe it should - but not for me. So I will have to try harder, each and everyday. Maybe yesterday was just my hormones imbalance grabbing the second and third handful of peanuts. Maybe it was slight work related stress, getting ready for the weekend and try to minimize the chores and tasks I want to complete by the end of the day. Maybe it is the report and deliver ables I need to have done by the end of the day to my Collections VP. Nobody ever said being a manager of a collection floor was going to be easy. No it is my job and now is the opportunity to prove myself. Prove myself to my fellow colleagues, VP'S and the Senior VP's. Yes that reminds me in February I have a quarterly presentation to Senior Management about my role as a Collections Manager. Wow, maybe I have a lot on my plate.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday night did not go as smooth as planned. Did not follow my last meal plan. I thought I could simply skip my last carb of the day. Boy was I sooo wrong.

Missing that last carb item made me well less say very very hungry within an hour of eating. So of course I ate. Good thing we have nothing to horrible at home. So I had a protein bar. Not the best quality bar but it was either that or the cookies and cream ice cream in the fridge. All my other meals were 100% so I will try not to be so hard on myself.

Today is a rest day although if I feel like it I may burn some calories tonight with some cardio. But what I do know that it is 100% clean eating and planned eating for me. And the carbs - I am having all 5 servings.

So I re-did my measurements. Have new goals and am giving myself a 12 week program to follow. I will be tweaking based on my progress but having a time line, goals and blogging will keep me more accountable.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday January 6th

Got out of bed this morning after my alarm went of, went into the bathroom, looked at my workout clothes, at the mirror, thought of my warm bed and than looked at my workout clothes again. My workout clothes won. :) And I am glad it did because one hour later I had burned almost 430 calories later.

I skipped my traditional workout and opted out for 4 sets of squat swings, squat press, mountain climbers, bicycles, db curls and triceps pulldowns. I am thinking of adding this to my workout twice a week. One during the week and adding it to my Saturday or Sunday routine. Get this body leaner.

Eating yesterday was 100% and had my last meal at 7am. Today all my meals are planned, packed and they are very clean. Only clean eating for this body. 1400 calories if quality calories!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it's on ...

Up at 3:45am and got in a great Chest and Tracy workout in, along with 30 minutes of card. My lunch is packed, meals planned for the whole day - in fact planned for the WHOLE WEEK. I was busy last night planning my new plan and looking for techniques to get me leaner and strong. So I will be implementing them this week and see how I do. I really wanted to take pictures but time is so limited these days.

I went from SAHM to Management overnight. My work week is not long, your typical Monday to Friday 8am-4pm day. It is the 15-20hr commute to an from work per week. So if I can stick to my workout schedule than I am happy with that. Just want more results. So time start training harder and smarter.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday January 4th, 2010

I am in the process of revamping my diet and workouts. Just need a little more time to complete. That and my workout right now is giving me soreness in all the right places so not sure if I am ready to abandon it yet. But meal plan going to change that direction a bit.

Had a horrible night sleep as Maddie came into our room 3 times between the hours of midnight and 3 in the morning. But I got through it with some good breakfast and the lemon green tea I had helped immensely.

Yesterday last meal of the day turned into an unplanned refuel meal. But it was good and it left me completely satisfied and not full. Green curry chicken, my all time favorite Thai dish. I skipped the rice seeing as I know I was consuming more calories than planned. Completely on board for eating today. So far 100% clean eating and I plan for it to stay that way.

Although today was a rest day I plan to have a killer chest and tricep workout. Now hope my daughter sleeps thru the night so I can get that 4am workout in.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wed Jan 3rd - Plan of Attack

I have been fighting this cough for a while and although I am just slightly congested it is the sore throat that hurts the most. That being said it is getting better and my nights are far most restful than they were a few days ago. But certainly not feeling 100%. So workout modifications have had to be the order of the days. And some days, especially last week I had to miss them all together.

But my plan of attack includes more than just working out but by fighting this with eating clean and keeping hydrated. So this is what my clean eating plans looks for the day.

Meal1: egg whites, plain oatmeal, grounded flax seed, fresh blueberries
Meal2: whey protein
Meal3: grilled chicken with no skin, brown rice, salad, green beans
Meal4: turkey breast meat, small red potatoes, salad, red peppers and zucchini
Meal5: whey protein

This meal plan is sure to fuel my awesome back and biceps workout along with a steady run on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is a work day. Long work week ahead but I am going to do my best to plan 2 early AM workouts and possibly a lighter cardio session in the evening. Do able? Of course, anything I put my mind too.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday January 2nd - FIRST WORKOUT OF THE YEAR

First workout of the year commenced at 6am this morning. I was hoping for a January 1st workout but that just did not happen. So leg day it was this morning with 4 sets of squats, leg curls, leg extensions, set-ups and walking lunges. And oh yes some calf raises. For good measure I ensure I got some hard core calorie burning before the sun came up - 30 minutes on the bike. Now this is no ordinary biking but some intense pedalling. The same intensity as if I was doing a HIIT on the treadmill. Really cranked up the intensity.

Eating has been great. Not 100% great but I would say 90%. I got into some granola. Maybe a 1/4 cup but certainly something I should have done without. But very little harm done.

Took measurements and here they are:
Weight: 100lbs. 23.75Waist; 25.5Navel; 33.25Butt/Hips; 18.5 Right/Left Thigh BF 15.9%.

Big plans ahead for 2010. I think I need some goals.

Friday, January 1, 2010


I have come along way in the last year and many challenges have faced me, particularly the last 6 weeks while I have started a new job as a Collections Manager, spending most of the waking and breathing hours working out, at work, commuting from work and having only a few hours before I have to do it all over again.

I have found strength and discipline in getting up at 4am to workout at least twice during the work week and making sure that I get my Saturday and Sunday workout in. So needless to say, it have been challenging and I have been sick far more than I like to admit. Is my body run down a bit? Yes! And I overwhelmed with the changes in my life? Yes! And I am fighter? Yes. Will I let it stop me from achieving my goals? HELL NO!!!

The scale keeps me motivated. The adrenaline pumping through my veins keeps me sane and the enjoyment of planning my day and getting a great workout in, balance home and work, along with family has given me more strength and confidence in myself that I can do it. And I can do it well. So for 2010, their are no excuses, no boundaries but pure commitment. And a commitment to blogging again. Planning again and feel confident and strong in my skin.

So stay toned to some great workouts and some great blogs about my progress. I am happy with the scale that read 101.2lbs this AM but I know I can make better choices of food, especially small sample snacking. I can conquer this and conquer it I will. So here is to a year of committing myself, yet again to being the best I can be!!