Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 10 - Cardio

Today is day 10 and I woke up feeling broken. Like I slept with 100 lbs of concrete blocks on me. I felt stiffer than stiff, and stiffer than i ever felt before. So I hit the snooze button only to have my 4 year old daughter tell me it was time to get up an hour later. So my planned AM cardio did not happen right away -- but it did happen :) 45 minutes on the treadmill of at a steady pace and really cranked the inclines. Felt great and my glutes -- well they are sore. But tomorrow I will listen to my body. Tomorrow is my biceps, tricep, shoulder workout :) I think the triceps can handle it now. I hope. I will push through it but will not comprimse my form to lift heavy. I may lift sem-heavy and play around with the weights as I have a planned chest and back workout on Friday. Got to get those big muscle workouts in.

Eating is going well and tracking it all. Proud of myself. Very proud and even with Easter around the corner I am feeling completely in control :)

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