Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 16 - Importance of Eating Clean

In the first week of tracking my foods and being consistent with my clean eating despite a cheat meal of ice cream I lost almost 5 lbs and a full inch of the small of my waist and 1/2 inch around my navel. Coincidence? NOPE!! Smart eating, is the key. I looked at my macros, my quality of food and eating intervals. Eating every 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours help maintain my energy and keep my blood sugar levels stable. I did feel more energized and the variety and colours of my food was great. I did not feel deprived in any way although the first couple of days was tough. I was craving something sweet. So I stuck to the occasional sugar free jello and chewed sugar free gum. Just my body going through some withdrawal.

Now I can put that all behind me and keep going forward with the powerful workouts. Today was shoulder, biceps and triceps. I biked my way through 30 minutes of vigorous pedalling in my bike and worked up a good sweat.

The rest of the week plan is as follows:
Wednesday: Cardio 2 20 minutes HIIT OR 2 45 min steady cardio or a combination of the two
Thursday: Chest, Back, Abs
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Recovery
Sunday: Light Cardio

Thankfully we do not have anything planned for the weekend, although I do plan to visit my mom on Friday, but getting up early for that shoulder workout first :) I am enjoying this routine and more importantly I have the energy for it. Never under estimate the importance of a great diet. You can not exercise a BAD DIET!!


  1. OH how that is the truth! It really does come down to the diet in the end. Your doing a wonderful job Nancy!

  2. Its all about the diet, as they say you can never out work a bad diet!

    Great job on kicking the sugar I am still working on that! Gum.....and more gum ;-)