Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 12 -- Burn baby burn

Who would have thought that a shoulders workout would take so much out of me. I also did biceps and started doing tricep kickbacks with very light weight. As I completed one workout I stretched them out and boy was it so hard to cradle my elbow. Than I moved on to set 2 and did the same stretch. I looked at what was planned and I figured I was just heading to a bad injury. So I went into my cardio workout and finished off strong on the elliptical. I have had a great week and my body is changing - I can see it.

Incredible how my cleaning has been. And I am seeing the difference in my abs region and I am loving it. I wish my mid-section could lean out quicker, but I have to have patience and continue to focus on my strength and how focused I am in. For now that will have to be enough, until I start seeing more of a 6 pack :)


  1. Great job girl!!! You are so motivating to me -- THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Nancy, It sounds like you are on a roll, keep it going. We all know the diet is key. Keep it clean and the body will begin to transform. I am starting week 8 today. I will be taking progress pictures today and I am hoping to put them on my blog. Did you ever find a picture of your "dream" body to be your vision?

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