Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 2 of Committment

Work up early this AM and did biceps and triceps, along with 25 minutes steady run on the treadmill. Once again felt great to get that out of the way :) Tomorrow maybe a recovery day for me, see how the body and all my limbs feel. My quads feel strong today.

I have not been sleeping as well as I would like. For days now, I believe Friday night, Saturday and Sunday night I have had just weird, weird dreams. Crazy really, frightening, but of course none of it makes sense. Other times I can not remember exactly what they were, just that they were distributing. Last night was no exception. Not sure why. Maybe the anxiety of DH being gone for a week at a time. This relocation of his job for the next few months is going to be hard. But I will manage.I have my girl to keep me busy and with the great weather I know we will do some great things outdoors and take some great walks. Get her bike out and ride to the park. Than their is Sadie, our family dog. We can take her to the trail. Madison always loved that. Yes after being at work for months, it is time to catch up with my daughter. She sure is going so fast.

no for the meal plans today. All planned out and I have some tiplaia defrosting in the fridge. Going to make a nice fish dish with brown rice and vegetables for the whole family tonight. Well now to get on with my day :) What a great day it is, despite the rain.

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