Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 25 of Day 84

FINALLY I got up by 5:15am. Got in that powerful back workout. I originally was thinking of doing an upper body/lower body split, but it feel so much better to totally exhaust one major muscle group at a time. So legs done; chest done and back done :) Three awesome workouts!! Tomorrow I am thinking cardio day. In the meantime, have to think about some super clean eating, so that I can fuel this body and get my energy back.

I was thinking about how many more calories I burn in a shorter period of time on the Cross trainer or the elliptical. I WANT ONE!! I think I am going to start pricing things and maybe hint for one all the way to Christmas ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 24 of Day 84

Some how I managed to turn off my alarm clock when it went off at 5:15am and was waken at 7:25am by my 3 1/2 year old. Needless to say, any of you that know my daughter this was not a calm wake-up call :) So I felt pretty disoriented as I walked the dog and had a quick protein shake with 1/2 a banana and was in a rush to get somewhere at 9am. Well all was accomplished and I got in my Chest workout along with cardio by 2pm. My head hurts a bit but I am taking the day in strides and hoping for a better one tomorrow.

I think going on vacation and indulging in a cup of coffee a day has got me going through withdrawal, which for anyone who has tried to go off of caffeine can be rough. Although there maybe some benefits of caffeine, there are sure some more negatives that generally makes me stay away. But after a few days in Vegas and only having one week to see it all with my daughter and husband, the lack of sleep it was the only way to get in my powerful workouts in. Now I am paying for it. I just have to stay away and just indulge in the green tea instead and stay away the coffee beans

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MAJOR CATCH UP: Day 13 - 23 of Day 84

So vacation was a blast and I did not miss a beat with the workouts, even if towards the end of vacation I had a few cheats. Just one cheat meal of BBQ chicken pizza and my treats/cheats where a handful of popcorn and some M&M and another day night I had some frozen flavoured yogurt which was worth every calorie. So overall I did not over indulge and did really well. So well that even after a week in Vegas, I gained only 0.4lbs. That's right and am I proud. Usually I come back with a 3-5lb weight gain, so not even gaining a 1/2 a lb is a big accomplish for me. I had tons of energy due to clean eating and keeping up with my fitness regimen. In fact, I worked out 6 days out of the 7 full days I was there. Yes "6" not a typo.

This is what my week looked like:
Sunday: Lowerbody & Cardio
Monday: Upperbody & Cardio
Tuesday: Cardio & Abs
Wednesday: Lowerbody & Cardio
Thursday: REST
Friday: Upperbody & Cardio
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Rest
Combined I burned just over 2800 calories.
So there you have it -- still on track.
As of for Day 22 and Day 23:
Yesterday was a rest, even though that was not the plan. I believe that the time change from Pacific Time to Eastern Standard Time hurt my energy levels a bit and at 9am I was just getting out of bed. Today on the other hand I was downstairs working out at 6am. Great powerful Leg workout and 40 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill. Feeling great and plan to go all the way to Day 84 with great results, consistency and determination.