Thursday, April 8, 2010


Day 17 - Stuck to my cardio routine and boy did I sweat. Eating was fantastic, despite the urge to eat everything in the house. Had some chamomile tea, had a piece of a protein bar and all seemed right with the world :) Of course taking a dosage of my supplement chroium did not hurt either. I love my supplements :)

Day 18- Today was back, chest and abs day and dd I just kill this workout!! mean I killed it. I feel so strong and lifted more weight than EVER. I increased the weight for bent over BB and for Underhand grip pulldown, my back is still tingling even after stretching. 35 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill and my whole body was just done! I mean done :) I slept in last this morning so I my workout did not happen til just after 10am but boy was it a good switch. I may have to do this every now and again. Later workouts -- maybe they will work for me. Who knew? :)


  1. Great workouts girl!

    What weight were you using and how much did you actually add?

    For back, I pull anything from 25lb-45lb on a regular basis with DB. On cables usually 55-75lbs.

    Just wondering on your progress, way to RAWK!

  2. Hi Trainer T :)

    For Bentover BB I was using 40lbs, 3 sets of 8-10reps. Prior to that I was doing 30lbs 3 sets 10-12reps. I think I could have been dong this weght for a while, but just experimenting with different rep/set combos.

    As for underhand grip latpulldown I did 30lbs as well. I am a lght weight, but I could go hgher as my reps were 12-15. Maybe I will next time. Thanks so much for your interest.