Monday, April 12, 2010


So I have lost track of what day I am on, but I am still working hard and eating well so it is all good. But I do have to admit, I have a new countdown. 12 days til our family vacation to Florida. A week of no schedules, no real work, no commitments except for having fun. We do have a gym at the condo so I will surely be there and a full kitchen, so no excuses to not eat right but most importantly the vacation is all about spending quality time with my family. And we sooooo need it. My husband has been relocated to for the next 3-4 months and we are only on week 3.

The week for the most part go very quickly. I keep myself and Madison busy but it can get kind of lonely. So in the intern I have decided to become a consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics and work along side some great ladies and meet some more great ladies. Probably other moms who too are looking for an outlet. So I have officially started and ready to get underway with that. You will probably see blog pertaining to that as well.

And I joined a gym :) I have the equipment at home, but I figured why not. Once again a new atmosphere will be nice and meeting new people and just having more of a variety of equipment. Certainly all that can not hurt. Madison has a 2 hour program on Monday and Wednesday that gives me the time to go. Maybe I can get some extra cardio in on a different piece of equipment. Commit to doing my abs on a more regular basis and just have fun. Madison program run till the end of June and than she starts up in JK in September so that will leave me with every Monday and Wednesday and every alternate Friday to get in a workout. So it will be manageable and a routine I can stick too. I love routines.

Saturday was my recovery day. Did groceries, went to the coffee shop with DH and had sometime to catch up. Sunday I did legs before Madison Junior Sports class and got in an extra cardio session at night. This morning I slept in a bit but was working out shoulders, biceps and triceps before 7am. The plan after dropping Madison off today is to get in a cardio workout at the gym and some abs. So a nicely planned day.

And most importantly is keep the eating clean. I have bikini's to wear :) Hmmmm I wonder if I need another one? Probably not.

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