Friday, July 24, 2009

43 more days ........ Legs & Shoulders

Today I headed downstairs for cardio which turned into a leg and shoulder workout. Hmmmm how did that happen? I find that I love lifting!! I mean really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! So just going downstairs for cardio was just not going to cut it for me today. :D I did get in some cardio as well and I was feeling pumped burning almost 500 calories.

I took a good look at my physique today as I was thinking I want more. I want more definition -- and what i want less of is fat :) Don't we all? So I am really going to tighten up my diet. I mean less than 6 weeks till vacation right? I can do it -- just have to stay focused and be prepared at all times. Occasionally I have a protein bar when I am on the run, but I am finding that they may be hindering my progress. They make me feel bloated and within 30-45 minutes of consuming one I don't feel so "light". I get that bloated feeling ..... so have to prepare myself really well when I head out. Have to pick up some smaller containers to help with this and really make some extra food.

Well off to get some tofu recipes to try out. I have some firm tofu that I have to prepare. This will add some variety to my diet and some flavour!! :) All about the spices.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

44 days ......

Today I was up at 5:30am and was downstairs pounding the treadmill for my 15 minute warm-up jog before doing biceps and triceps. After my strength training routine I did another 15 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill, followed it by abs and than 20 more cardio minutes on the bike. Steady and moderate on a good resistance. 500 plus calories later I was doing some good deep stretching.

I was looking at getting the P90X program. Quite honestly I know the change of pace will do wonders for my physique, but spending the $$ on it right now is kind of tight. Than there is the fear that I will not use to it's fullest. Not because of time, but well DVD and I don't do really well. But getting out of my comfort level and working at someone elses pace would be EXCELLENT. Not sure if mentally I am up for the challenge. That pisses me off a bit. So I will have to thing long and hard before I make that kind of commitment where money in concerned. I wish I knew someone who would be willing to burn me a copy.

Decisions, decisions ..........

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still counting ....... 45 days till VEGAS

45 days .... and still counting down. I am still right on track with workouts, just trying hard to get the eating and macros under control. And it will happen :) Monday and yesterday were great, until I decide I just had to have Chinese. And Chinese for dinner I did. Well lets just say this morning it was hard to get out of bed for my workout. Was probably a combination of my strict leg workout and my poor dinner menu.

So today - cleaning up 110% and on track and will continue to do so. So back to blogging daily about my workouts and my eating. And it is going to happen. Vegas may not be a "bikini" vacation, but I still want to look hot in shorts and by the pool with the rest of my beautiful family :D

So here are my workouts and my plan for the rest of the week:
Monday: Chest & Back
Tuesday: Legs & Abs
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Biceps, Triceps
Friday: Shoulders, Calves & Abs
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Day of rest from Strength training but will try to get some HIIT in there. Maybe a long moderate/steady cardio session.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Still here ........

Still here :) I have been busy with workouts, enjoying the weather and the new neighbourhood with my daughter and just enjoying the summer. Weather is not the most promising each and every day, but we do the best we can. This weekend I have given myself way to much lee-way in terms of eating. Well mostly Sunday -- but hey it was my birthday :D Yes I celebrated my 29th birthday for the 4th year in a row. ;)

Dh got me an awesome ice cream cake that I had 2 slices off and with the Chinese food, well lets just say I was pretty full and happy. I enjoyed my day and now back to getting in top shape. Vacation is in 7 weeks and I am back to mapping my workouts again. This morning was chest, back, some light abs and 40 minutes of moderate cardio on the bike.

The scale is nicely tucked away. No point in upsetting myself with the 2-3 lbs I know I gained from yesterday. And I am perfectly OK with that because by the end of the week they will be gone and I will have my momentum back. No worries. When my eating is clean, everything is all right in my world :D