Friday, March 20, 2009


Days 6 & 7 Remaining

AM mode fantastic -- had a great night sleep and had a POWERFUL workout, burning over 500 calories. I love the way the sweat runs done my back and how I have to peel off my shirt. Only 7 days left.........

I never got back to that finishing that blog, but Friday was a good day, far better than the night day that I had. Just shortly before 12:30am my head was in the toilet. My only conclusion is I caught whatever my daughter had 48 hours prior and WOW was it vile and rough. I can not believe that my 3 year old withstood that punishment because I felt like the biggest baby. I was feeling lower back pain, my legs where sore along with every other muscle in my body. I made sure to keep the fluids up and get all the rest I could, while every 6hour popping a Tylenol if I needed it. I was disappointed yesterday that all my hard efforts were being lost, that I was never going to feel better enough to get back to training, but today surprising I feel much better. The light does not hurt my eyes, my lower back is surprising not painful and I can stand up on my own two feet without grabbing the wall. So mu main focus today is to feed my body what it needs to get better so I can start training at my own pace hopefully tomorrow. I certainly do not fell 100% but I do have my appetite back -- so hmmmm what should I have for breakfast? Eggs and Oatmeal anyone? :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

8 Days Remaining

Yesterday morning did not start off so great. Had a sick child to contend with. Midnight bath to clean out her hair that was covered in the night before dinner. Change sheets, wash sheets and do that three more times before 6am. So I was busy with laundry as well as the packing I had to do for our move. I had energy despite the early AM wake-up of a baffled three year-old covered in kidney beans, pasta and vegetables. By poor angel. She keep apologizing. Broke my heart. She was very still all day which allowed me to not get in a workout as planned but at least it was a productive day where packing was concerned.

I did my weight in today, just to see how the new meal plan was working along and I was very happy with the results. Not going to post them - I want to not think of them - I need to focus on getting them better. Overall I have lost an additional 3/4 inches in the lower body so great start. My energy as you can imagine on 4 hours of sleep was almost non-existence but I keep the body moving.

Madison is doing so much better this morning, thank goodness. Appears that her appetite is back and she's drinking water as opposed to taking sips. If she can hold down the food, I am sure your energy levels with be 100%. My energy levels are fight up there.

Grateful for a strong immune system - hopefully it last. Can not afford to get whatever virus my daughter had. Well here is to a good powerful Friday - and some more packing :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

9 Days Remaining

Today I have tried very hard to keep busy which is not hard as I have to start packing. However on limited carbs I did not want to over do it, so I decided I would go to the movies with my daughter and do some grocery, of which 70% I put in my cart I can not even eat. I thought about getting some mini eggs - and just having a few, but than I though "who are you kidding, a few?" You know you will not be satisfied till you eat the whole bag. So I bought a small pack of gum instead. Chewed it till my jaw was sore and it tied me over till I got home and has Meal#4. By dinner time I really wanted something -- maybe a bagel, maybe some granola cereal -- maybe some more willpower. So I made some green tea instead. I got through the day with some struggles but stuck to my plan.

Feeling good as the countdown continues.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Day Remaining

So here we are 10 days before my 12 week Transformation comes to an end. The first 4 weeks was find of slow, trail and error. Good days, not so good days. But the last 4-6 weeks have been better, progressively getting better and I am working with someone new, who understand me, if learning quickly what my body is capable of doing and really changing my mindset around.

She is very inspiring and supportive said some simple, true words that has made me reflect on what this Transformation is all about. What working with her and sticking to my program will do for me. And it all comes down to - HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT"

And she's right. Theses were her exact motivating words that has made today a far better day than yesterday:
"it is a mindset Nancy, if you keep thinking about all they things you can't have then it just gets worse"
" this takes great strength, courage and determination to succeed at what you set out to accomplish"
"My sweet girl this is not an easy task and I would be severely lying to you if I said it would get easier. What will make it easier and not bothersome at all is for you to turn your thoughts around from where they are now - bring happiness in and keep it in, stay very positive"
"Change the mindset and the travel to the finish will be easy"

Theses are the words that are going to push me forward. The more I read them, the stronger I feel, The stronger my mind feels and I do have someone who supports me no matter what. She supports me even when her life is not so simple. She knows all about challenges and triumph. She is will be my voice of reason, not just yesterday or today but every time I set my mind on doing something. She is strong and brave and takes on challenging her own personal and professional life. I have learned a lot from the short time I have been working with her and I am truly blessed that I found her.

END OF DAY: I feel great! I was not preoccupied with food, I pushed through, I was prepared and planned everything down to my last meal. Even though I found myself at the mall for Meal#4 and Meal#5. I did not let the food control my activities with my daughter today. The sunshine is doing me some good. I know it may not be here to stay - but I am strong - AND I WANT IT BAD!


Yesterday was a tough day as I tried to get use to the new diet. My body has been being fueled by more than 1750 calories per day, so to go back to 1400 calories was tough. It made me irritable, not so much because of the quantity of food but it just did not satisfy my taste buds. So today is day 2 and I am more optimistic about it.

Workout this morning at 5am and I started questioning myself even before I got my running shoes on. But I did the program and even tacked on another 30 minutes of cardio. I wanted to go more, but though with the reduced calories yet again, I better not. I have a 3 year old to keep up with and it would not be fair to her if I my mood made me short or impatient with her. I want to get outside with her again today and take advantage of the weather. I want to be at my best for her - their is no compromising that for anything in my mind.

So I am going to rock the next 10 days of my Transformation Challenge, play hard and fair with my body and mind and see great results. I figured I will blog more frequently in the next week and a half and share this experience with everyone following me. Thanks for the continued support!

7AM Feeling great and ready for meal 1 -- egg whites and asparagus.