Thursday, September 3, 2009

...Almost Day 12 of Day 84 ......

Boy can I tell I am going to have a tough time tomorrow morning. I am having such a hard time falling asleep last night and am starting to wondering if the low carb diet today had something to do with it? Well let's just say I got up, took a look at my biceps, triceps and calf workout and did so eating a yellow plum. Did not help - so I decided to chew on some gum. I did not feel hungry at all -- and it is not like I just needed something to chew, just thought I would. No reason to my madness.

I was reading My Sister's Keeper upstairs and this started making me think about how grateful once again that my daughter is healthy, energetic and full of live. Than I started thinking would I go to the extremes that these characters did in this book to keep their daughter alive, but jeopardizing the life of someone else, which also happens to be their child? I should hope not - in fact as I was reading the first dozen pages I was actually in shock that any parent could put through someone they loved in that situation. Of course, I want to go on, but for those of you who would prefer that I did not say anymore I won't :) But maybe, this is why my mind is racing and still can not fall asleep.

Than I started thinking back - what did I have do drink with dinner? Usually water - but today since i had egg whites for dinner, I decided I would have some tea. Organic decaffeinated tea -- very soothing. So could not be that ....Could not have been the cherry tomatoes or the asparagus. So still unsure.

I did not take a nap, same routine tonight -- no TV was left on --- I was not on the computer --- nothing is rattling in my brain because of family --- maybe it is that darn book. I hope not, because I can tell it is going to be an excellent read and well I have held out on seeing the movie, so I have to read the book. Yes must be the book. Now how do I solve this one? I want to read it. OK second attempt at sleeping.

A little something .......

I came across this picture today which was taken August 1st '09 at the beach with my daughter who is 3 1/2 years old. I was thinking how how much she has grown and how much I have grown as a person overall since this little creature joined my world. Now I feel like it is her world. She gives me strength to do more, be more and give more.
The other day I was thinking about how much I give and how much I sacrifice as a mom, as a wife, as a sister and sometimes as a friend. And it occurred to me, that this is what makes me unique, this is what fulfills my life and this is my purposes. But my purpose is also to take care of me. Without taking care of myself how can I support others. How can I encourage others to follow their dreams, be the best persona they can? I can't. If I am not 100% true to me and my needs, and prioritize my life, than those around me suffer. And what I have learned and what is so true is "If mom is not happy, nobodies happy". SO TRUE
So I am trying everyday to be conscious of my needs and the needs of those around me. I am grateful for what what other take for granted sometimes and even though I now I am not perfect, my life is not perfect - it is up to me to help mend and shape the "me" I want to become, both mentally and physically and sometimes even emotionally.
I encourage you all to do the same :D

Day 11 of Day 84

With no commitments to walk the dog - I was able to get to bed early and up at 5am with ease. The agenda was small muscle groups - but I though why not a big muscle like my back and shoulders. It was thought - but I accomplished it along with 40 minutes of cardio, burning over 500 calories in 90 minutes. And yes I got in the ABS. What a productive morning :) And only 2 more sleeps till Vegas.

Tomorrow biceps and triceps are on the agenda along with some cardio.

Eating yesterday was right on and today I am right on track. This is what my meal plan looked like: M#1 oatmeal and 1 serving of whey protein DONE; M#2 whey protein and a pear DONE; M#3 chicken, yellow peppers and onions DONE; M#4 and Meal#5 to follow but the plan is: whey protein for meal #4 and M#5 egg whites, 1 whole egg and sprout bread. Adding that extra serving of protein is doing wonders for my energy, so I am going to continue that. I figured when I am on vacation I can still do that with ease with a whey protein drink. In control, baby, in control.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DAY 10 of Day 84

I was up at 3am this morning after our puppy was started barking that she needed an outdoor break. Needless to say getting up at 5am just was not in the cards. So I slept in till 7am when my daughter came into my bedroom and joined me on the bed.

So the day eating wise has been going great even if I missed a workout. In fact eating clean is that much more important because of missing my cardio session. Tomorrow is a new day and I will get in cardio as well as shoulders and the dreadful abs. Yes it will get done.

The dog is gone till we return from vacation. The breeder lady that we wanted to use is leaving to a Sheep Herding thing tonight which means DH will be bringing her. I am actually looking forward to cleaning the place without having to look over my shoulder and see some new paw prints :D It will give me a chance to pack without worrying about our puppy and my daughter, together ALONE LOL. So lots of stuff to do in the next 2 full days and working out MY FIRST PRIORITY along with food prep so I will be energized for my to do list.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 9 of Day 84

So 4 more sleeps to Vegas and I want to PACK NOW!!! But I want to minimize how much I bring and if I do it now I will end up with at least half of a wardrobe I will not wear. Besides if I bring so much clothes how can I justify shopping LOL Well most of my selection will probably be some Fall clothes and well Madison has out grown everything :)

Although I had planned cardio and abs I felt like lifting heavy so I did legs some light abs and some serious HIIT cardio on the treadmill. Great burn, great sweat. Eating has been spot on and I added in an extra complex carb because of my intense leg workout. The scale has been looking good, measurements are good and well I am still looking for a smaller, more defined waistline. But I hate doing abs. I get in a few sets and I am just spent. Well I will have to keep the clean eating in the agenda and hopefully the abs will come -- but I really need to strengthen my core. Plan of attack tomorrow is WORK THESE ABS!!!

Jumped on the scale today and it read 102.2lbs which is not very motivating as I am within range. To really see the changes I have to seriously take measurements. I should do that every week or so. I'll have to dig out what my measurements where about a week ago, I am sure I wrote them done somewhere. My goals in term of measurements are as follows .... waistline closer to a 23" waistline, 18 1/2 inch for my right and left thighs --- oh yes and the hips, 33" would suit me just fine. :D I am horrible of taking upper body measurements because I never seem to measure the exact area. Oh well lower body focus it is.

Now to continue on my day with clean eating.

Day 8 of Day 84

Day 8 - Monday August 31st. Got up and got in a powerful Chest and Back workout and really focused on clean eating. Low and behold, made it through the day with a few cravings, but nothing I could not pull my mind from. Good relaxing day overall and some how I managed to kick back and read a bock while my daughter played in her toy room. She later came to sit with me and we both passed out for an hour. A nap mid-afternoon. PERFECT :D

Monday, August 31, 2009


5 more sleeps till Las Vegas :) Spent some of the weekend making arrangements or a rental car, printing out some savings for our trip at places like Plant Hollywood and Harley Davidson. I'll make that a cheat meal of burger and fries. LOL Well probably not -- but I am sure DH would love that :) I am going to enjoy vacation but it is not going to be about the eats. No it will be enjoying the look on my daughters face as she sees the Treasure Island shows, the water dancing to the music at the Bellagio (I think), the Volcano's, the talking statues at Cesar's Paris and maybe a kid friendly show. S0 looking forward to so many aspects of this trip. I can not wait!! But before I get into vacation mood I have my workout week planned and especially the eating :)

MONDAY: Chest & Back
TUESDAY: Cardio & Abs x 2
THURSDAY: Biceps, Triceps
FRIDAY: Shoulders & abs
Cardio all 5 days.

I am going to keep a similar schedule while in Vegas but maybe only get 4 workouts in - all focusing on strength training and cardio for at least 20 minutes. I figure tons of walking through out the week will keep me in check anyways in burning the extra calories.

Now let's see what the week brings :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Days 6 & 7 of DAY 84

Saturday and Sunday were rest days for me and the eating was very good for a weekend if I do say so myself. I did have some banana chips and a handful of chocolate cover almonds. All in all a great weekend for eats. Late nights watching movie prevented the workout I wanted to get in on Sunday. My week is planned with eating and workouts -- just in time for my Vegas trip. Going to be experimenting more with lower carb days. Not low -- but lower :)