Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wed Jan 3rd - Plan of Attack

I have been fighting this cough for a while and although I am just slightly congested it is the sore throat that hurts the most. That being said it is getting better and my nights are far most restful than they were a few days ago. But certainly not feeling 100%. So workout modifications have had to be the order of the days. And some days, especially last week I had to miss them all together.

But my plan of attack includes more than just working out but by fighting this with eating clean and keeping hydrated. So this is what my clean eating plans looks for the day.

Meal1: egg whites, plain oatmeal, grounded flax seed, fresh blueberries
Meal2: whey protein
Meal3: grilled chicken with no skin, brown rice, salad, green beans
Meal4: turkey breast meat, small red potatoes, salad, red peppers and zucchini
Meal5: whey protein

This meal plan is sure to fuel my awesome back and biceps workout along with a steady run on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is a work day. Long work week ahead but I am going to do my best to plan 2 early AM workouts and possibly a lighter cardio session in the evening. Do able? Of course, anything I put my mind too.

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