Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 8 and Day 9 - Powerful workouts - Good Clean Eating

Yesterday plan to work biceps, triceps and shoulders had to altered. WHY? Because my triceps were sore. Let me rephrase that, they were SO OH SO SORE. They still are. Taking of my shirt or even putting a hair tie in my hair HURTS!! So I decided I would do shoulders and abs along with 35 minutes of cardio. Awesome workout. Eating was clean, although I ate more than planned. But all good eats, mainly carbs that I did not plan because I was so hungry. Let me rephrase that I was SO OH SO HUNGRY. I started feeling the guilt kick in - the oh my why can't I just follow what was planned. But I pushed it as side and instead recognized that my body needed it. And my response to feed it was a good one. My lifestyle is not about restricting calories, it is about choosing the right ones. And I did.

So nothing to feel defeated about.

This morning was Legs and powerful, powerful workout. My hamstring were still slightly sore from Thursday workout but I was able to push through it with ease and did not have to adjust the weight at all. So today I have my meals planned and if I have to adjust to accommodate this machine body of mine, I will. Guilt free!!!

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