Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 2 P90X

On to day 2 of the P90X. Well technically Day 2 is Plyometrics, but seeing as I did not get Abs in yesterday with Chest & Back, I did them today. I will probably have to modify the Classic workout, and will probably go Lean in a couple of weeks, just to keep it different :)

So good ab workout and I must admit I was surprised how strong my core is. After abs for 15 minutes and some stretching I moved onto my 45 minutes on the bike and pedalled for 16 1/2 miles varying the intensity. Awesome workout and this body is ready for a much needed rest day.

27 more days .......

Friday, August 7, 2009



I am not a DVD person as most of you know, but this is one DVD I just might recommend. Actually I would definitely recommend and I just did one workout of Back & Chest. POWERFUL!! I was so pumped and enjoyed every minute of it. Chest and Back today burning over 200 calories and than onto some cardio burning another 280 calories. Powerful day for me today!! Tomorrow the agenda is to do Abs Ripped X. Sounds intense and I am sure it will be. This is the FIRST TIME EVER I have been pumped about doing abs. :D

I have no doubt in my mind that with a tightened diet that I will be impressed with my physique and what my body can do.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 29 - LEGS

After a restful day I woke up this morning to the feeling that today would be a good idea to do LEGS. And work them I did. Made sure to get some moderate to intense cardio with Interval Training for 30 minutes. PUMPED!
I have a shopping list of all the things I need to really tighten up my diet - full of colourful vegetables and fruits, lean meats and complex carbs of brown rice, brown pasta, red potatoes and yams. I also have some legumes on the list such as red and black beans along with string beans and chick peas. I can not got wrong if I am fully prepared.
I go in my P90X videos and I think I am ready to give them a try. Ease into, as DVD are generally not my thing. But I found a cheaper DVD set at and figured what the hell. I am never going to know, unless I try it. So tomorrow a.m. that is the plan.
Well off to eat meal #1 of egg whites and natural organic oatmeal. Yum :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

30 Days of Strict Diet & Exercise

Just thought I would load an update picture of me in my new bikini at the beach the other day, just for fun .......... That being said, I am not really happy but I have looked worse, more importantly I have looked better and that is what I am striving for.

OK -- my own self challenge is under way. And although my eating and exercising has been great I figured.... let's tighten it up a bit. On the ball today and will continue on with tomorrow. Monday was Back and Biceps and yesterday was Abs and Chest. Today is a designated day of rest but I am ready to get in a workout tomorrow and focus on getting to a better me. Tomorrow will be legs, cardio and abs. Thinking powerful workout for me -- early AM please :D