Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday night did not go as smooth as planned. Did not follow my last meal plan. I thought I could simply skip my last carb of the day. Boy was I sooo wrong.

Missing that last carb item made me well less say very very hungry within an hour of eating. So of course I ate. Good thing we have nothing to horrible at home. So I had a protein bar. Not the best quality bar but it was either that or the cookies and cream ice cream in the fridge. All my other meals were 100% so I will try not to be so hard on myself.

Today is a rest day although if I feel like it I may burn some calories tonight with some cardio. But what I do know that it is 100% clean eating and planned eating for me. And the carbs - I am having all 5 servings.

So I re-did my measurements. Have new goals and am giving myself a 12 week program to follow. I will be tweaking based on my progress but having a time line, goals and blogging will keep me more accountable.

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