Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday January 2nd - FIRST WORKOUT OF THE YEAR

First workout of the year commenced at 6am this morning. I was hoping for a January 1st workout but that just did not happen. So leg day it was this morning with 4 sets of squats, leg curls, leg extensions, set-ups and walking lunges. And oh yes some calf raises. For good measure I ensure I got some hard core calorie burning before the sun came up - 30 minutes on the bike. Now this is no ordinary biking but some intense pedalling. The same intensity as if I was doing a HIIT on the treadmill. Really cranked up the intensity.

Eating has been great. Not 100% great but I would say 90%. I got into some granola. Maybe a 1/4 cup but certainly something I should have done without. But very little harm done.

Took measurements and here they are:
Weight: 100lbs. 23.75Waist; 25.5Navel; 33.25Butt/Hips; 18.5 Right/Left Thigh BF 15.9%.

Big plans ahead for 2010. I think I need some goals.

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