Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday January 6th

Got out of bed this morning after my alarm went of, went into the bathroom, looked at my workout clothes, at the mirror, thought of my warm bed and than looked at my workout clothes again. My workout clothes won. :) And I am glad it did because one hour later I had burned almost 430 calories later.

I skipped my traditional workout and opted out for 4 sets of squat swings, squat press, mountain climbers, bicycles, db curls and triceps pulldowns. I am thinking of adding this to my workout twice a week. One during the week and adding it to my Saturday or Sunday routine. Get this body leaner.

Eating yesterday was 100% and had my last meal at 7am. Today all my meals are planned, packed and they are very clean. Only clean eating for this body. 1400 calories if quality calories!

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