Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 12 -- Burn baby burn

Who would have thought that a shoulders workout would take so much out of me. I also did biceps and started doing tricep kickbacks with very light weight. As I completed one workout I stretched them out and boy was it so hard to cradle my elbow. Than I moved on to set 2 and did the same stretch. I looked at what was planned and I figured I was just heading to a bad injury. So I went into my cardio workout and finished off strong on the elliptical. I have had a great week and my body is changing - I can see it.

Incredible how my cleaning has been. And I am seeing the difference in my abs region and I am loving it. I wish my mid-section could lean out quicker, but I have to have patience and continue to focus on my strength and how focused I am in. For now that will have to be enough, until I start seeing more of a 6 pack :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 11 - Change of Plans

So after warming up and mentally preparing myself for shoulders, triceps and biceps -- I changed my mind. My triceps were sore, so so so sore. So I thought instead of isolating theses tiny muscle groups I would just do back, chest and abs with getting in shoulder work tomorrow. Even stretching my triceps in between chest sets were tough. just really stiff and I had to be sure to slowly ease into a triceps stretch. Not pretty. Well they kind of are :) I am really liking the shape of my arms. And my lower body is coming along nicely as well. not as quickly, but rather nicely :)

Eating has been great -- never better :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 10 - Cardio

Today is day 10 and I woke up feeling broken. Like I slept with 100 lbs of concrete blocks on me. I felt stiffer than stiff, and stiffer than i ever felt before. So I hit the snooze button only to have my 4 year old daughter tell me it was time to get up an hour later. So my planned AM cardio did not happen right away -- but it did happen :) 45 minutes on the treadmill of at a steady pace and really cranked the inclines. Felt great and my glutes -- well they are sore. But tomorrow I will listen to my body. Tomorrow is my biceps, tricep, shoulder workout :) I think the triceps can handle it now. I hope. I will push through it but will not comprimse my form to lift heavy. I may lift sem-heavy and play around with the weights as I have a planned chest and back workout on Friday. Got to get those big muscle workouts in.

Eating is going well and tracking it all. Proud of myself. Very proud and even with Easter around the corner I am feeling completely in control :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 8 and Day 9 - Powerful workouts - Good Clean Eating

Yesterday plan to work biceps, triceps and shoulders had to altered. WHY? Because my triceps were sore. Let me rephrase that, they were SO OH SO SORE. They still are. Taking of my shirt or even putting a hair tie in my hair HURTS!! So I decided I would do shoulders and abs along with 35 minutes of cardio. Awesome workout. Eating was clean, although I ate more than planned. But all good eats, mainly carbs that I did not plan because I was so hungry. Let me rephrase that I was SO OH SO HUNGRY. I started feeling the guilt kick in - the oh my why can't I just follow what was planned. But I pushed it as side and instead recognized that my body needed it. And my response to feed it was a good one. My lifestyle is not about restricting calories, it is about choosing the right ones. And I did.

So nothing to feel defeated about.

This morning was Legs and powerful, powerful workout. My hamstring were still slightly sore from Thursday workout but I was able to push through it with ease and did not have to adjust the weight at all. So today I have my meals planned and if I have to adjust to accommodate this machine body of mine, I will. Guilt free!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 7 - Designated Cheat Day

Recovery day and cheat day go hand in hand, right? Well for me today it was.I figured I would keep Sunday as a cheat and rest day. Seeing as my husband will be relocating for work Monday thru Friday and coming home for the weekend, this would be as good a time as ever. I figure the 2 most important refuel items are green curry chicken and Marble Slab ice cream.

So today was ice cream. Cheesecake flavoured ice cream, fresh raspberries and graham cracker. So yummy. And of course we can not forget the cone -- waffle. i got a child size and it was so good. So not that is it. Back to plan, back to clean eating and workouts.

My workouts routine this weeks are as follows:
Monday: Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps AM PM Cardio 20 minutes
Tuesday: Quads, GLutes, Hams, Calves AM
Wednesday: 2 cardio sessions (2 20 minutes of HIIT or 45 min of steady cardio or a combination of the two)
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Back, Chest, Abs
Saturday: 30 minutes of cardio
Sunday: Recovery and Refuel day.

My body, hamstring and triceps are feeling if from my last 2 workouts. I love it :) I secretly LOVE IT!!!!

I am staying strong to this schedule