Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have been completely overwhelmed with work and client visits, quarterly presentation planning and just stressing out. I did not know this what I would be signing up for so soon into my new job position. But yesterday went well. I went into a breakfast meeting had already eaten so coffee and so fresh fruit was enough. Managed to get in a protein drink in between and back for executive sandwiches for lunch. Stuck to chicken deli on dark rye bread and did not even as much as give the dessert tray a second look. Ruined my night with Chinese food. Oh well, did not over do it at all but the scale reflected a 0.8oz gain, so 102.8 lbs it is.

So new leaf. Looking to record all my food intake for the next 100 days. Need to complete 4.5 hour of workouts per week, consisting of at least 4 strength training and cardio sessions. My XT and I are going to be good friends. DH agreed to an elliptical and wasted no time helping me look for one, pick-up and assemble the same day. Woohoo :)

So today makes Day 1 and I am ready to focus on clean eating. My refuel meal will be this Sat as we have a babysitter all lined for Saturday night so we can celebrated my husband's 37th b-day. So I am going to look at the menu in advanced - chicken, veggies, nothing satueed, no wine a bit of dessert and that is it. Than I am going to go at least 7 days till another refuel day and so forth. I will do it :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

SUN JAN 10TH - DAY 1 OF 100

Up at 6am to get in a workout after taking 3 unplanned days off. I was pretty pissed of with myself, but after todays workout I feel better.

So new measurements, new goals the start of my 100 day personal challenge. I am going to be more accountable. I mean consistently really is not a problem, it is that the moment I derail even slightly from my plan I get discouraged and have this whole self-doubt and self hate. Got to work on that :)

So some serious improvements needed for 2010. And I am up for the challenge.