Monday, April 5, 2010

Days 13, 14, 15 - CATCH UP!!

So first weekend DH home and unfortuantely it went by so fast!!! He was home just after 10:30 Friday night and left Sunday around 6ish pm. We had a great weekend with family on Sunday for Easter Sunday, but the whole Saturday we were B-U-S-Y.

After loading a load of his work laundry for the week and having breakfast we went our for coffee. I stayed true to my tall black americano and enjoyed every sip. Do not drink much coffee and generally just limit it to one day on the weekend. Sometimes I enjoy a broscotti but I knew I had some chocolate chip cookies to bake so I had to save my calories for that. So I enjoyed 3 late Saturday night with a nice hot cup of tea. Very good and worth the wait. And of course Madison loves baking so it was an extra treat doing that with her. Clean eating all day even though we were out and about. I did not get in a traditional workout but we walked the trail with the dog for an hour at a local dog park, so that was nice. Very light walking, nothing streneous but it was great to enjoy the weather and time with the family.

Sunday morning I got up early for some intense cardio of 40 minutes on the elipitical and bike. Than it was off to my mom's for a visit and lunch at 1pm. I stuck to the safe grilled chicken, brown rice and salad and as for dessert I share my mom's piece of triamsu and had a coffee. I did not over due and quite honestly the rest of the day was clean eating. Even with the chocolate that my daughter got. I had a small piece of some sem-sweet chocolate and that was that. Just did not want it. I was full from lunch, especially with the rice. I generally do not have that large portion of rice in one sitting.

This morning, Day 15 I had an awesome leg workout and I felt pumped!!! Did a great 30 minutes run on the treadmill and felt like I could keep going. But I was hitting 75 minutes of working out and though I should just get in a great cooldown and stretching and get some much needed food in me. So workout is compltely out of the way for today. Awesome way to start of my Monday. The rest of the day is free to enjoy our outing with the dog is the rain holds off and a walk to the library.

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