Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 6 - Chest, Back and Abs and the LOSS

I am no stranger of the scale. In fact we have a love, hate relationship. Interesting enough today, the scale and I were friends. After that hard day to not eat everything in sight I jumped on the scale this AM and say a 2.2lbs lost. So I have to be happy with that and not jump on til at least the end of next week. Doable, yes!! Well I better put the darn thing away.

Pictures will also help with the progress. And although I am not leaning to an exact # on the scale, there is a look I am going for. I hope I know what it is when i get there :) Well I know. A far more toned and tight look. Not a figure/bodybuilding look. I know it would be to taxing on my body, but a bikini body would be sweet, wouldn't it?

I'll know it when I see it :)

Maybe next weekend when DH gets a little downtime I can get him to take pictures. My eating is what is going to carry me through. After yesterday, I can see how true that really is for me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 4 and 5

Day 4: Recovery. Mainly because I was feeling sorry for myself. Not sure why, just one of those days. But before I went to bed last night I told myself, no more, I was getting up early and having a hardcore workout first thing in the morning

Day 5: Hardcore workout happened!! And I felt great!! My eating has been on par and well I have been chewing gum like a cow grassing on grass. None stop!! And now that the day is coming to a close I am thinking of the grapes in the fridge. The multi-grain fig newtons that I bought for my daughter. I am thinking of everything not in my plan. And my next meal is an hr and a half away. Boy is this going to be a long evening. And well, I feel like throwing in the towel. That is probably why I have booted up my computer and typing away. hoping to see some clarity in the whole thing. I have to get my act together especially with DH only days away from leaving for 5 days at a time. than coming back for the weekend. The only thing that is keeping me sane is that we have a vacation we are all going together too. Florida, departing April 24th for a whole week. Paul, my daughter and I. Just the three of us and that sounds so nice. Calms me ..... well almost.

So have to stay the course. Chug the water, chew the endless number of sticks and keep my goal and my tight toned body in a bikini in less than 30 days .... 27 days to be exact I believe. I can do it. I have too.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 3 -- Recovery

Today I decided was my recovery day. I worked out legs on Sunday, chest, back and shoulders on Monday and yesterday was biceps and triceps. So naturally I figured a recovery day was in order. Than I will repeat it all again tomorrow.

Today decided to enjoy the day with my daughter. We went to the park, while I relaxed and read today, and I got some stuff done in between calls. Figured enjoy the moments while I can. :)

My eating is on track and followed my plan yesterday but had to many hard candies. Apparently theses candies had 50% less sugar, but let me tell you all they made me feel was gassy and full. I through the rest out. My upper belly was so bloated and round and I was so incrediably uncomfortable when I went to bed. No more candy for me!!! I was worse than how I feel when I have chew too much gum. I have identified it and am moving past it! Nothing is going to get in my way of slim, trim looking abs.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 2 of Committment

Work up early this AM and did biceps and triceps, along with 25 minutes steady run on the treadmill. Once again felt great to get that out of the way :) Tomorrow maybe a recovery day for me, see how the body and all my limbs feel. My quads feel strong today.

I have not been sleeping as well as I would like. For days now, I believe Friday night, Saturday and Sunday night I have had just weird, weird dreams. Crazy really, frightening, but of course none of it makes sense. Other times I can not remember exactly what they were, just that they were distributing. Last night was no exception. Not sure why. Maybe the anxiety of DH being gone for a week at a time. This relocation of his job for the next few months is going to be hard. But I will manage.I have my girl to keep me busy and with the great weather I know we will do some great things outdoors and take some great walks. Get her bike out and ride to the park. Than their is Sadie, our family dog. We can take her to the trail. Madison always loved that. Yes after being at work for months, it is time to catch up with my daughter. She sure is going so fast.

no for the meal plans today. All planned out and I have some tiplaia defrosting in the fridge. Going to make a nice fish dish with brown rice and vegetables for the whole family tonight. Well now to get on with my day :) What a great day it is, despite the rain.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1 of New Committment (continue)

Day 1 is coming to a close for me. And it was a good one. I had a great workout this morning as mentioned in my previous blog. Three sets of 10-12 reps of barbell chest press, dumbbell Incline chest press, lat pulldowns, one-arm row, pull downs, shoulder press, lateral and frontal raises. I did a total for 25 minutes on the elliptical. Felt great and my eating was on par. 6 meals, evenly spaced which has been a challenge for me since I started back at work.

I did make a bulk barn run but I got no sugar added hard candy and had one. They are tiny pieces about the size a dime. The mint candy kept my mind free of what I really wanted, so I am ok with my decision. I have found that gum makes it worse, because I start chewing like a mad woman and put one piece after another. Before I know it I have chewed the whole pack. So that hard candy are here to stay for now.

Stay tuned for another great day tomorrow ;)

Day 1 of New Committment

So I have always been committed.... but I stray. And sometimes I stray from my clean eating weeks at a time. Having a good day and than a not so good evening. Only to wake up with determination to make it right. To only stray again days later......

Well the cycle stops, right now, today. Not tomorrow or next month. But today.

I am no stranger to working out, but with all I know about eating and nutrition planning you think I would have that under control. Well not so much - until now :)

So I am recommitting to blogging, following a new eating program and working out, making every minute count. I started today by a great strength training workout for chest, back and shoulders. Cardio on the elliptical for 25 minutes. Hoping to get back and get some more cardio in this afternoon. I have to pace myself. I know :)

I started putting our winter clothes away and started looking at some of the more spring/summer clothes I wore last season and I am thinking wow, those are some short shorts :) Time to really get busy and stay the track. I can do it. So stay tuned to some great progress. It is going to happen and just in time for our family vacation!!!