Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday was a much need rest day after 3 days of strength training and some serios HIIT and moderate cardio. Today was biceos and triceps and I followed it with 40 minutes of cardio. 20 minutes on the Stair master working the hills at levels 12-14 and than the bike for 20 minutes - more steady hills at level 6. Burned over 550 calories on the workout alone today:) Now to keep my hands out of teh cookie jar -- or the bag in this case ;)

Here is my workout for biceps and triceps this AM:
Tricep Rope Push down 3 x 15 10#'s
Standing BB Bicep Curls 3 x 12 30#'s
Overhead rope Tricep extensions 3 x15 10#'s
Standing Alternating Bicep Curls 3 x 15 15#'s
Reverse Grip Tricep Push downs 3x15 20#'s
Preacher Curls (machine) 3x10 10#'

They were on fire. I made sure o rest 45-60seconds between sets, and I need the rest period to rebuild the energy in those muscles, especially as I started getting into my 3 and 4 exercises. Good workout for me and the 4day split I will probably continue for the next 3 weeks. Going strong. Not to clean up the eating, This should be eay for me right? Just use my Nutritional Consultant knowledge. YES I WILL!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SHOULDERS & CALVES DAY .... oh yes and some ABS

Today was Madison first day of pre-school and freedom for about 2 hours. Power walked to the gym and than had an awesome shoulder workout, followed by calves, abs and 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer. Boy are my legs feeling it and my shoulders were simply burning!!

Here was my routine:
Bradford Presses 3x15 20#'s Barbell
DB Lateral Raises 3x15 8#'s
DB Read Delt Flys 3x15 9#'s
Barbell Upright Rows 2x20 20#'s
Standing Calf Raises 4x30 30#'s
Seated Calf Raises 4x30 50#'s

Jumped on the Arc Trainer working with a resistance of 40 and inclines between 3-8 and just pumped away. Loving the gym and the variety, I really am!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am so aware of my legs right now :) Had a good leg workout this evening and I just wanted to share the leg workout I will be doing for the next three weeks.

Leg extensions 3 x 15 reps, 30#'s
Sitting Hamstrings 3 x 20 reps, 50#'s
Smith Machine Squats - 1 set x 20 22.5#'s
Squat Press 3 x 20 reps, 70#'s
Stability Ball Hamstring Curls 3 x 20
Lunges 3x15 10#'s
Barbell Stiff Leg Dead lifts 3 x 12 30#'s

Along with my 10 minutes on the Arc Trainer which was my warm-up I did 20 minutes of HIIT followed my leg workout on the treadmill. Felt good and my legs feel so strong. Good start to my week. Tomorrow I can go back to my AM workouts. They will not be my 5am workouts but 9:30am is better than my last 5pm workouts. Tomorrow is a new day :)
MONDAY Workout :)
I had a great first workout at the gym and the first workout since being back in the big city. Chest and Back and cardio for 40 minutes, including a 10 minutes warm-up. I think my body is going to continue to be sore, seeing as I will be using a variety of cardio equipment like the EFX, the Cross trainer, recumbent bike and some of the cool cardio equipment like the stair master. BOY ARE MY GLUTS GOING TO HURT :)

This was my Chest and Back workout:
Barbell Bent over Row 3x15 40#'s
Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 3x15 12#'s
Seated Cable Row 3x15 50#'s
Flat Bench Dumbbell Chest Press 3x15 15#'s
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3x15 47.5#'s
Flat Bench Chest Flys 3x15 9#'s

I followed a 30 minutes Interval training on the Elliptical. I walked to and from the gym. Tomorrow marks the end of week 2 of the Body for Life Challenge. I think I am going to make it :) Sometimes I feel like if I can stay at maintenance while at my mom's that will be an accomplishments in itself -- but I feel like I certainly want to go further. Maintenance is just not enough :)