Monday, January 5, 2009


So I started a 12 week Transformation Challenge that I am pretty excited about. Have new goals lined up and the PLAN on how I am going to get there. Not an easy step for me to take - but with 2009 right at my door step, I figured, it is now or never. I want to complete this - that is my first goal. If nothing else, i not transformation takes place, I want to own that. Take accountability for my actions, and own up to that. Pressure! Pressure! Pressure! So or the next 12 week that will be my goal. FINISHING IT!! Along with finishing the challenge, I also have my Nutritionist Consultant program that I need to finish. So I will be going full throttle on that as well. PLAN, PLAN and plan, that is how I am going to succeed.

I'm adding some pictures, pictures I am not particularly proud of, but I have looked worse, so I take comfort in that. More importantly I take comfort in knowing that this is just the beginning and I can make huge improvements in my physique, so the pictures are not the final results. Just the opposite - the beginning. The beginning, a new commitment, a new journey.