Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going to the Extreme

Today I am just dragging my feet. i was actually dragging my feet yesterday, but today feels worse. Not sure why, but I starting to think maybe I am overtaining. Not training for anything specific, just that I am not giving my body the rest it needs.

I took the whole weekend off, but was feeling not much like myself. That song blame it on the rain, well it sounded like "blame it on the hormones" all weekend. Monday I felt strong, but not as strong as I should have felt given two days off. Than yesterday, my afternoon workout was tough and I pushed myself through it. Even stretching was tough. This morning my hamstrings kill as does my glutes. Tiredness and soreness, sure indicator for me that I am overtraining.

I can't just sit on the couch. In fact as I blog, i am standing. So with some laundry to do and some cleaning up to do, I will keep myself busy. Busy enough so that I do not feel like I should be running on the treadmill and getting some HIIT. Insane right? Have to give my body a break. Will not see any gains if I push myself beyond my limits. I mean there is coming out of your comfort zone and than there is "overtraining". Fine line for me -- but I think I hit it.

So I will manipulate my diet and see how I feel later. Much later. Maybe curling up with a book and reading, sitting down is not such a bad idea. :)