Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 8, 9 and 10 of Day 100

Paying a little bit of catch up here :) Been busy enjoying the sun, the city and my little girl.

Day 8 - Day of rest :)

Day 9 - was a long cardio day of 50 minutes. I did 30 minutes on the EFX and spent 20 minutes on the bike really focusing on my quads. Eating was a little off as I had a little margarita party, some lean read meat on the grill and some oh so yummy desserts. All about portion control yesterday and I did great. :)

Day 10 - Went to the gym this evening and I had a powerful Hamstring and calf workout. I did lying down leg curls, one-legged curls, barbell dead lifts, dumbbell standing calf raises and seated calf raises. Pushed through 50 minutes of cardio as well. I am on a role and I am feeling pretty good. I am enjoying how my physique is starting to look. Lean baby -- lean ;)

Tomorrow will probably be a rest day as I gear up for the start of a new week :) I am still doing a 5 day split, working 3-4 exercises per body part, 4 sets of reps 15-20.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 6 & 7 of Day 100

Yesterday I ha a powerful Quads, Shoulders and Cardio workout burning once again over 650 calories in just over 90 minutes. I 4 sets of 20 reps on the leg extension and squats machine and than finished it off with 4 sets of 15 walking lunges, doing DB calf raises in between sets. Than moving on to shoulders I did 4 exercises, 3 sets of 15 for each. They were burning!! Than if that was not enough I got on the EFX and worked a solid 30 minutes on my glutes and quads again. Today I am sore, and just squatting to go to the bathroom hurts. LOL Too much information, I know, I'm sorry. But I am not sorry about my workouts.

Day 7 - Today I had to modify my cardio to accommodate the soreness of my glutes. I did the bike for 30 minutes on a moderate resistance. Surprising enough my glutes did not hurt. The muscles were nice and warm from my chest and triceps workout today. For Chest I did 4 sets of 15 reps all using DB. I did incline chest presses, flies and regular chest press on the bench. For triceps I did a sorry excuse of 3 sets of skull crushers and could only do 10-12 reps. They were screaming. I than did 2 sets of overhead triceps extensions and finished it off with 3 sets of 12 dips. Powerful -- So powerful that after doing this routine, I did not know where do put my arms for the first 10 minutes of cardio on the bike. Do I let them hang low, do I grip the bike for dear life, do I just let them stay on my hips? Well I did a combination of all 3. Moving onto core after that for 10 minutes. Planks, back extensions, crunches on the ball and reverse crunches. I THINK I AM DONE!!

After my whey protein shake an apple, I took the longest shower and to my surprise I am no longer hurting. Looking forward to my official rest day tomorrow :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are You Aware?

This afternoon I took my daughter to the bookstore. I spent an hour in the self-help area of the book store. It was interesting how I found myself there actually after a blowout with my mom. I find that I am angry. Have I always been angry or are there circumstances that are not within my control that is making me feel angry? Well I am not sure - but I am going to search for the answers. While my daughter was in the kids session looking at books and grabbing about half a dozen for me to read, I started reading ....... I did not purchase the book, but I learned a bit and took out my palm pilot and make notes of an author that I wanted to follow-up on. And I have learned something that I wanted to share:

The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma: Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind. What we sow is what we reap. And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.

I will put the Law of Karma into effect by making a commitment to take the following steps:

1. Today I will witness the choices I make in each moment. And in the mere witnessing of these choices, I will bring them to my conscious awareness. I will know that the best way to prepare for any moment in the future is to be fully conscious in the present.
2. Whenever I make a choice, I will ask myself two questions: "What are the consequences of this choice that I'm making?" and "Will this choice bring fulfillment and happiness to me and also to those who are affected by this choice?"
3. I will then ask my heart for guidance and be guided by its message of comfort or discomfort. If the choice feels comfortable, I will plunge ahead with abandon. If the choice feels uncomfortable, I will pause and see the consequences of my action with my inner vision. This guidance will enable me to make spontaneously correct choices for myself and for all those around me.

I sat here and read this and re-read it and started to wonder how conscious am I when I make choices. Sure I think about my family and how my action effect them, but do I do the same thing for myself? And no, I don't. And I should -- maybe I would stop being so angry.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 5 of Day 100

Today I had a powerful workout at the gym :) I did back, biceps, abs and 40 minutes of cardio total. I just spent an hour and a half in the kitchen preparing meals for the week. I made orange roughly, bass, chicken breast, baked potatoes and brown rice. I pre-washed all my vegetables which included asparagus, broccoli, green beans, yellow waxed beans and a couple of beets. My apples and pears are washed along with a pint of blueberries. Yummy :)

I am on a roll and I am feeling pretty good about an awesome week ahead of me!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 4 of Day 100

YOGA :D It was just like someone would have predicted. I felt light, balance and in balance. I tried to get to the gym about 30 minutes before the 11am class in hopes of working out a sweat before the class, but couldn't due to scheduling issues with my husband. Well it is probably a good thing I did not, because Yoga was certainly tougher than I thought. The balancing poses I found easier for me because I have fairly strong core, but it was incredible how important focusing and concentration was as well. The stretching and holding poses where more challenging and it was a reminder that I have to stretch deeper after workouts. I was in tune and harmony with my breathing which was so important and after the 1st half hour the class flew by. I was remembering the sequence to all the moves so my movements flowed, one after another.

The first 11 minutes of the class, I was wondering why am I doing this again -- but I know it was because I was feeling intimidate of the pace. Slow, so much instruction at first -- where is the burn? The sweat, I wondered? Well it came -- a different burn than doing High Interval Intensity Training or pumping iron - but it was there. Fantastic class and after it I was way to relaxed to get in that cardio session :D And although I did not burn tons of calories... I was curious wore my HR monitor (I burned 165 calories in an hr)the class was so worth it. You may find me there next week, same time, same place.