Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1 of New Committment

So I have always been committed.... but I stray. And sometimes I stray from my clean eating weeks at a time. Having a good day and than a not so good evening. Only to wake up with determination to make it right. To only stray again days later......

Well the cycle stops, right now, today. Not tomorrow or next month. But today.

I am no stranger to working out, but with all I know about eating and nutrition planning you think I would have that under control. Well not so much - until now :)

So I am recommitting to blogging, following a new eating program and working out, making every minute count. I started today by a great strength training workout for chest, back and shoulders. Cardio on the elliptical for 25 minutes. Hoping to get back and get some more cardio in this afternoon. I have to pace myself. I know :)

I started putting our winter clothes away and started looking at some of the more spring/summer clothes I wore last season and I am thinking wow, those are some short shorts :) Time to really get busy and stay the track. I can do it. So stay tuned to some great progress. It is going to happen and just in time for our family vacation!!!

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