Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have come along way in my journey and now feel like I am truly at a maintenance level with my weight but really want to see bigger gains in my strength and muscle definition. I'm no talking body building gains but nice leaner muscle. My glutes are coming along as are my abs, but I am still looking for a leaner physique. Of course it will take time, certainly not weeks, possibly way longer than months and hey I am ready to accept it could take years.
I am determine and ready to acknowledge that my physique now took years and every year it is getting better. So of course the tiny package is sure going to take a few more years to tweak and tackle.

But I got time :) I mean this is a life long commitment. I have my friends and attend my share of social events but I keep it clean and make it about the experience, the event not about the eats.

It took me a while to get to this place. I remember a time where attending family/friends events was a punishment for me. Certainly I could not get away from the situation. So I joined in and felt the price of uneasiness and guilt for days and felt on to the sluggish feeling for weeks.

Not any mote. I have learned to trick myself, my desired and foods.

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