Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back from Vaction

Vaction was great and sad but true it is over. I am thinking where to next?

We will be a little limited after September as Madison will be in school, so one more trip before September. We have our week in Vegas but we went last September so unsure. We could do a drive to SC again but DH was thinking maybe somewhere in Tennesse. I am thinking California. Maybe :) Well I am still releishing in how much fun we had in Pompano Beach, FL. The resort was great with tons of activitives even for Madison. Some of them we decided against like the BBQ lunches and the Sundae Supremes by the pool. Instead we were in the pool everyday, played mini golf which was on the resort, saw a couple of movies by the pool at night and hit the games room a couple of times. Ping pong is fun :)

I hit the gym 6 of the 7 days I was there and stuck to me routine to the "T".Eating was just as great as I was at home. I did enjoy some desert at TGIF in Miami and a shortstack of New York Cheesecake pancakes at Ihop but that was about it. We went to the Miami Zoo and I had a grilled chicken breast, no fries and loaded up on salad. The only down fault of the chicken was the white bun - but I know we walk enough that I burned that all off before we even left the zoo. I heard singing monkeys -- yes singing monkeys. I have a video of it on my blackberry that I will have to try to retrieve.

Well getting ready to enjoy some outdoor time. It is too nice to be indoors and I promised my daughter we would go out and she could ride her bike, while we take our dog for a walk.

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