Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reflection .........

Today I took my daughter to see the movie “UP”. When I take my little girl to movies I like to find the moral of the story and talk to her about it. Not in great lengths of course, I mean she is only 3 – but some movies leave you with the realization even as an adult of hidden messages that can work as lessons for our children. Take for explain The Tales of Desperaux. It was about a little mouse so never gave up. Every now and again when Madison says “She can not do it” – I refer back to Desperaux and his never give up attitude and how this made him a stronger character. Something she can relate too.

So anyways back to the movie “UP” – I was very impressed with the story line and although we may all have our own interruption of the movie it certainly was a feel-good movie about inter-generational friendship and the importance of re-framing one's dreams over time. And for the first time in a long time, I was relating to a Walt Disney movie and I did something I certainly did not expect. I cried.

It reminded me once again of the happiness someone can bring to our lives and how relationship grow, how life plays out and when you think it is the end you can instantly be reminded that it is just the beginning. It reminded me that creating new adventures can build wonderful friendships. “Up” was a good reminder that when you heart is open, you can find adventures and friendships in the most unexpected places.


The last couple of nights I have been helping my hardworking husband put down the hardwood floor in the family room and I am glad to report that we are halfway there. We still have the hardwood to lay in the dining room and living room -- and the main floor and upstairs hallway - but one thing at a time right? I just want to be settled in completely but looks like it will take a few weeks to get there. In the meantime I will enjoy having our own space :D

This morning I was up at 6am and got in a great 30 minute HIIT workout. Felt great and I did some deep stretching. Had breakfast, jumped in the shower and checked out the movie times for "UP". Going to take Madison to watch that while DH is at work. I have packed a meal - as Meal#3 we will be out and about. I have no shame eating my chicken wrap at the theaters while everyone else is having nachos and popcorn and those insane big size skittles and M&M bags. I have some air popcorn popped for my daughter which I am taking with me. She does not seem to care what kind of popcorn she has - as long as popcorn is available during the movie :) I will have to bring her popcorn "UP" pail - can not forget that.

As I was putting away my summer clothes - I realize I have some cute short shorts, fresh tops that I can not wait to get into. And thankfully with some serious discipline I have been training hard in the gym and my nutrition is back in full force, so I do not have to worry about them feeling snug. This will be my greatest reward this summer -- along with wearing my bathing suit at the community pool while I splash around with my girl. Not worry about how I look - or feeling subconscious.

I had a couple of rough weeks while adjusting to my mom's stocked pantry and living back home -- but I pulled through and I am so happy I did or I would be not be able to enjoy those halter tops (my shoulder look great) or feel like my jean shorts are too snug or that my legs feel snug in my capris. No, not this girl!! I am going to keep going strong and keep changing my routine and sticking to clean eating. I am so blessed that with all I have learned as a NC I am applying it to myself as well as my clients :) YEAH ME!!

I do not give myself enough credit -- so I think this is very overdue. And so is a rest day - which is tomorrow, which I know I will need as their will be some serious time spent tonight and tomorrow getting more of my home with some nice rich looking hardwood!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So yesterday evening I started a new template for the next 3 weeks and put together 3new workouts, focusing on super setting. I even put a program for an extra shoulder day. Got to love sleek defined shoulders, right? Especially with tank top weather. My upper body is really coming along nicely and I am finding myself checking myself out in the mirror while at home. I am wearing a green tank top as we speak :)

So I have my plan laided out and spend a couple of hours in the kitchen today preparing food for the weekend. Nothing like a few bad meals on the weekend to hinder your efforts. Not happening to me. I feel so in my element now that I am in my own home. It may not be perfectly put together, still have some decor things to take care of, but we finally have our own space as a family and that is so key to my success. Feeling in control in my own home, my own kitchen, having my own home gym set up. My dear husband at 10pm put my bowflex together together. He would be disappointed to know that I stuck to the dumbbells today and my barbell. That's OK, it will be there for me tomorrow early AM. I am loving my AM workouts again, and having the freedom to run on my familiar treadmill is making my HIIT session intense.

So along with a new program I am going to switch up my meal plans and really start manipulating my foods to mirror my effort of strength training or cardio.

I am also being more active with my Nutritionist consultant degree from the College of Medicine and have been aiding some people in overcoming the own unique biochemical imbalances. I have a few people I am working closely with and many that I am helping answer questions and provide suggestions to finding a move balanced lifestyle. Such a passion of mine and I am so blessed with the knowledge and information, along with sound education of pro suing my certification. I am blessed to have the freedom and the time to do this while I am at home with my precious girl.

I need to reflect on what I am truly grateful. It is not all about physique, it is about balance. Finding the balance in my life - being supportive of myself, my family and friends.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time is ticking away ......

I am losing track of days so quickly. The move went well and I did very little damage to my body, even with the Green Curry Chicken on Friday and the pizza slice on Saturday. By Sunday I was back to complete clean eating and have been there ever since. Not bad for a crazy weekend, moving and unpacking an re-organizing our lives. Quite proud of myself actually. I do not think I say that often enough.

On Monday I was back in the gym. My own home gym that is and it felt great. The new layout the, the new environment while I did chest and triceps - along with 35 minutes of cardio combined. My Tuesday AM workout at 5:30am was also powerful. Legs -- and I must admit my legs were already felling tight with all the lifting and going up stair all weekend. So it did not take much to exhausted them. I found that my butt felt tight so I skipped the treadmill work and did 35 minutes on the bike. Today was an off day. My body is still sore from all the heavy lifting and moving stuff, so I thought I would manipulate my diet and take the day off. So far a great week and I plan to finish as strong as I started :D