Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 6 - Chest, Back and Abs and the LOSS

I am no stranger of the scale. In fact we have a love, hate relationship. Interesting enough today, the scale and I were friends. After that hard day to not eat everything in sight I jumped on the scale this AM and say a 2.2lbs lost. So I have to be happy with that and not jump on til at least the end of next week. Doable, yes!! Well I better put the darn thing away.

Pictures will also help with the progress. And although I am not leaning to an exact # on the scale, there is a look I am going for. I hope I know what it is when i get there :) Well I know. A far more toned and tight look. Not a figure/bodybuilding look. I know it would be to taxing on my body, but a bikini body would be sweet, wouldn't it?

I'll know it when I see it :)

Maybe next weekend when DH gets a little downtime I can get him to take pictures. My eating is what is going to carry me through. After yesterday, I can see how true that really is for me.

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  1. Great job Nancy!! As we talked about today make sure you search for those picture so you can visualize the look you are desiring!