Friday, March 20, 2009

Days 6 & 7 Remaining

AM mode fantastic -- had a great night sleep and had a POWERFUL workout, burning over 500 calories. I love the way the sweat runs done my back and how I have to peel off my shirt. Only 7 days left.........

I never got back to that finishing that blog, but Friday was a good day, far better than the night day that I had. Just shortly before 12:30am my head was in the toilet. My only conclusion is I caught whatever my daughter had 48 hours prior and WOW was it vile and rough. I can not believe that my 3 year old withstood that punishment because I felt like the biggest baby. I was feeling lower back pain, my legs where sore along with every other muscle in my body. I made sure to keep the fluids up and get all the rest I could, while every 6hour popping a Tylenol if I needed it. I was disappointed yesterday that all my hard efforts were being lost, that I was never going to feel better enough to get back to training, but today surprising I feel much better. The light does not hurt my eyes, my lower back is surprising not painful and I can stand up on my own two feet without grabbing the wall. So mu main focus today is to feed my body what it needs to get better so I can start training at my own pace hopefully tomorrow. I certainly do not fell 100% but I do have my appetite back -- so hmmmm what should I have for breakfast? Eggs and Oatmeal anyone? :)

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  1. Get well soon girl, and be the Rockstar that you are. You are so close to goal, woo woo!