Wednesday, March 18, 2009

9 Days Remaining

Today I have tried very hard to keep busy which is not hard as I have to start packing. However on limited carbs I did not want to over do it, so I decided I would go to the movies with my daughter and do some grocery, of which 70% I put in my cart I can not even eat. I thought about getting some mini eggs - and just having a few, but than I though "who are you kidding, a few?" You know you will not be satisfied till you eat the whole bag. So I bought a small pack of gum instead. Chewed it till my jaw was sore and it tied me over till I got home and has Meal#4. By dinner time I really wanted something -- maybe a bagel, maybe some granola cereal -- maybe some more willpower. So I made some green tea instead. I got through the day with some struggles but stuck to my plan.

Feeling good as the countdown continues.

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