Thursday, March 19, 2009

8 Days Remaining

Yesterday morning did not start off so great. Had a sick child to contend with. Midnight bath to clean out her hair that was covered in the night before dinner. Change sheets, wash sheets and do that three more times before 6am. So I was busy with laundry as well as the packing I had to do for our move. I had energy despite the early AM wake-up of a baffled three year-old covered in kidney beans, pasta and vegetables. By poor angel. She keep apologizing. Broke my heart. She was very still all day which allowed me to not get in a workout as planned but at least it was a productive day where packing was concerned.

I did my weight in today, just to see how the new meal plan was working along and I was very happy with the results. Not going to post them - I want to not think of them - I need to focus on getting them better. Overall I have lost an additional 3/4 inches in the lower body so great start. My energy as you can imagine on 4 hours of sleep was almost non-existence but I keep the body moving.

Madison is doing so much better this morning, thank goodness. Appears that her appetite is back and she's drinking water as opposed to taking sips. If she can hold down the food, I am sure your energy levels with be 100%. My energy levels are fight up there.

Grateful for a strong immune system - hopefully it last. Can not afford to get whatever virus my daughter had. Well here is to a good powerful Friday - and some more packing :)

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