Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Day Remaining

So here we are 10 days before my 12 week Transformation comes to an end. The first 4 weeks was find of slow, trail and error. Good days, not so good days. But the last 4-6 weeks have been better, progressively getting better and I am working with someone new, who understand me, if learning quickly what my body is capable of doing and really changing my mindset around.

She is very inspiring and supportive said some simple, true words that has made me reflect on what this Transformation is all about. What working with her and sticking to my program will do for me. And it all comes down to - HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT"

And she's right. Theses were her exact motivating words that has made today a far better day than yesterday:
"it is a mindset Nancy, if you keep thinking about all they things you can't have then it just gets worse"
" this takes great strength, courage and determination to succeed at what you set out to accomplish"
"My sweet girl this is not an easy task and I would be severely lying to you if I said it would get easier. What will make it easier and not bothersome at all is for you to turn your thoughts around from where they are now - bring happiness in and keep it in, stay very positive"
"Change the mindset and the travel to the finish will be easy"

Theses are the words that are going to push me forward. The more I read them, the stronger I feel, The stronger my mind feels and I do have someone who supports me no matter what. She supports me even when her life is not so simple. She knows all about challenges and triumph. She is will be my voice of reason, not just yesterday or today but every time I set my mind on doing something. She is strong and brave and takes on challenging her own personal and professional life. I have learned a lot from the short time I have been working with her and I am truly blessed that I found her.

END OF DAY: I feel great! I was not preoccupied with food, I pushed through, I was prepared and planned everything down to my last meal. Even though I found myself at the mall for Meal#4 and Meal#5. I did not let the food control my activities with my daughter today. The sunshine is doing me some good. I know it may not be here to stay - but I am strong - AND I WANT IT BAD!

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