Friday, August 28, 2009


At first I hit the snooze button ...... asked my dear husband to take the dog out and went back to bed. But not for long. Not sure if it was the noise that was going on down in the kitchen, cupboards closing - pots banging or the dog barking. But I quickly got out of bed, brushed my teeth, had a sip of water and fully dressed to workout made my way downstairs. All the way downstairs to my treadmill. I figured, could not sleep - completely awake, why waste it - just get up and move.

And that is what I did - 1 full hour of moderate steady cardio, burning 339 calories. 40 minutes on the treadmill working with different inclines and on the bike for 20 minutes. Good resistance, good sweat.

Food has been bang on as well today. Fighting the urges to head to the local Bulk Barn on an hourly bases and even after dropping my daughter at Day Camp I thought about it half a dozen times on the way home. Should I do it? And maybe if I knew 100% that is was open that early at 9am I just may have made the trip. But I did not - and I found an hour later, a sweet refreshing gala apple and 3oz of cooked grilled chicken breast with tons of water did the trick. So still fighting -- but bedtime is just around the corner .......... I think I can muster the will to stay the course.

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  1. Great Job Nancy not making the detour to the Bulk Barn. You know you would have totally regreated it later.
    I got my food and workout plan from Kim and I am eager to get started. I have been having a free for all with food lately and I am sure it is because I know I will be starting this plan on Monday and gettting it all out of my system now. Still am very bloated and feeling very "full". I am not going to create any "drama" around it I am just going to ride it out until Monday and then take the bull by the horns and give it 100 percent.
    Keep up the great work!!