Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 4 of Day 84

MORNING OF DAY 4: This week has been a trying week and I have been trying to be optimistic and get in those powerful workouts. I was up and doing shoulders and triceps this morning along with my regular cardio session. I am completely PMSing -- I can feel it which explains why I can not stay focused, feel like I want to eat everything in the pantry. The plus side is of course that I have no crap in the house. I do have some organic flour mix that would allow me to make some yummy carb filling waffles - some organic syrup. But too much trouble and it gives me an opportunity to think twice about doing it. Which is a good thing :D

So here I am at 10am and my next meal is 30 minutes away so I am drinking some green tea. So I am hoping blogging will help and aiding my body with some great antioxidants. I am holding strong LOL


  1. I hope you feel better soon ((hugs))Its hard when you have that going on but you can push though and make a good choice I just know it.

  2. Stay strong Nancy! It will pass and you will be so proud of your self for holding your ground. Just a few more days for until I start my program. I have struggled with eating quite bad the past few days but today is a new day. Four more days!!