Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 3 of Day 84

Well that good night sleep did not happen, but I made up for it with a nap today. A 45 minute power nap made me feel better and my evening is not dragging so much. I got up at 5am took the dog out and went downstairs. Got on the treadmill for 10 minutes and than shut it off. Just was too tired and after 3 days of heavy lifting in a row I could feel like I was just doing more harm than good. A quick stretch and I was back in bed till 7am. Not the most restful sleep but I had the luxury of relaxing for a bit after dropping my daughter of at day camp.

Took advantage of some time to do some laundry and took the dog out for a nice long walk. Cleared my head a bit and once the clouds broke out it was really nice. I am hoping I find the energy to get in my workout tomorrow AM. I figured shoulders and triceps -- and at some point I need to get in some abs.

Eating today has been great and my cravings are back in full force for carbs - so instead of fighting them I have enjoyed some clean complex carbs like rice and yams and loaded on some extra veggies especially carrots. Something sweet -- but not a chocolate bar :) It is a start.

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