Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time is ticking away ......

I am losing track of days so quickly. The move went well and I did very little damage to my body, even with the Green Curry Chicken on Friday and the pizza slice on Saturday. By Sunday I was back to complete clean eating and have been there ever since. Not bad for a crazy weekend, moving and unpacking an re-organizing our lives. Quite proud of myself actually. I do not think I say that often enough.

On Monday I was back in the gym. My own home gym that is and it felt great. The new layout the, the new environment while I did chest and triceps - along with 35 minutes of cardio combined. My Tuesday AM workout at 5:30am was also powerful. Legs -- and I must admit my legs were already felling tight with all the lifting and going up stair all weekend. So it did not take much to exhausted them. I found that my butt felt tight so I skipped the treadmill work and did 35 minutes on the bike. Today was an off day. My body is still sore from all the heavy lifting and moving stuff, so I thought I would manipulate my diet and take the day off. So far a great week and I plan to finish as strong as I started :D

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