Thursday, June 18, 2009

Closing on our home today ........

.... and yes 78 days left. So tomorrow and the next few days, good clean eating will pull me through. I have to keep reminding myself of this as the gym will not be an option, well at least not for tomorrow. Which is fine. I need a day of rest from my conventional workouts. I did get myself to the gym and I told myself 35 minutes of cardio -- good stretching and nothing more. I stuck to it :) I am also going to start carb cycling which will help as my to do list gets longer and longer during settling in to our new place.

Movers come tomorrow around noon so I will access to my treadmill immediately. No fancy hook-ups their. I will have my barbell and my plated weights along with my bench, so getting in a chest workout either Saturday or Sunday AM will have to do. I will need my Bowflex assembles, but I will cut be reasonable, DH has to get 4 bedroom put together, hardwood install on the whole main floor (except for the tiled kitchen, eating area and foyer area), light fixtures, install curtain rods and well you get the picture. The Bowflex can wait :) I will just have to get creative and do some great compound moves, get my heart rate up and burning those calories. I am mentally prepared for the workouts and different environment than the gym. Looking forward to it actually :)

Now the food part. I have purchased some whey protein, will boil some hard boiled eggs, gets tons of fresh vegetables washed and lightly cooked to eat and a couple of cans of tuna with a few slices of sprout bread. I also purchased an electric kettle, so I can still get in my oatmeal. I have my griddle for eggs for the family...... I'll work with what I have until I can get a functional kitchen. The kitchen appliances will be the first things to get plugged :) I have this all under control -- RIGHT? :D

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