Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reflection .........

Today I took my daughter to see the movie “UP”. When I take my little girl to movies I like to find the moral of the story and talk to her about it. Not in great lengths of course, I mean she is only 3 – but some movies leave you with the realization even as an adult of hidden messages that can work as lessons for our children. Take for explain The Tales of Desperaux. It was about a little mouse so never gave up. Every now and again when Madison says “She can not do it” – I refer back to Desperaux and his never give up attitude and how this made him a stronger character. Something she can relate too.

So anyways back to the movie “UP” – I was very impressed with the story line and although we may all have our own interruption of the movie it certainly was a feel-good movie about inter-generational friendship and the importance of re-framing one's dreams over time. And for the first time in a long time, I was relating to a Walt Disney movie and I did something I certainly did not expect. I cried.

It reminded me once again of the happiness someone can bring to our lives and how relationship grow, how life plays out and when you think it is the end you can instantly be reminded that it is just the beginning. It reminded me that creating new adventures can build wonderful friendships. “Up” was a good reminder that when you heart is open, you can find adventures and friendships in the most unexpected places.

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