Saturday, June 27, 2009


The last couple of nights I have been helping my hardworking husband put down the hardwood floor in the family room and I am glad to report that we are halfway there. We still have the hardwood to lay in the dining room and living room -- and the main floor and upstairs hallway - but one thing at a time right? I just want to be settled in completely but looks like it will take a few weeks to get there. In the meantime I will enjoy having our own space :D

This morning I was up at 6am and got in a great 30 minute HIIT workout. Felt great and I did some deep stretching. Had breakfast, jumped in the shower and checked out the movie times for "UP". Going to take Madison to watch that while DH is at work. I have packed a meal - as Meal#3 we will be out and about. I have no shame eating my chicken wrap at the theaters while everyone else is having nachos and popcorn and those insane big size skittles and M&M bags. I have some air popcorn popped for my daughter which I am taking with me. She does not seem to care what kind of popcorn she has - as long as popcorn is available during the movie :) I will have to bring her popcorn "UP" pail - can not forget that.

As I was putting away my summer clothes - I realize I have some cute short shorts, fresh tops that I can not wait to get into. And thankfully with some serious discipline I have been training hard in the gym and my nutrition is back in full force, so I do not have to worry about them feeling snug. This will be my greatest reward this summer -- along with wearing my bathing suit at the community pool while I splash around with my girl. Not worry about how I look - or feeling subconscious.

I had a couple of rough weeks while adjusting to my mom's stocked pantry and living back home -- but I pulled through and I am so happy I did or I would be not be able to enjoy those halter tops (my shoulder look great) or feel like my jean shorts are too snug or that my legs feel snug in my capris. No, not this girl!! I am going to keep going strong and keep changing my routine and sticking to clean eating. I am so blessed that with all I have learned as a NC I am applying it to myself as well as my clients :) YEAH ME!!

I do not give myself enough credit -- so I think this is very overdue. And so is a rest day - which is tomorrow, which I know I will need as their will be some serious time spent tonight and tomorrow getting more of my home with some nice rich looking hardwood!!