Saturday, March 28, 2009


So here we have it the end of my 12 week Transformation Challenge on The Elite Physique :) The time fly by and I learned so many new things.

Here are my results:
Since start of challenge: 9 lbs lost, 2.3% of body fat loss; 8 inches lost in lower body (5 sites)
2.5 inches lost navel
2.25 inches lost waist
1.75 " hips/butt
0.75 " Right Thigh
0.75 " Left Thigh

My original goal was to finish and start. For the 4-6 weeks I was consistent enough to see improvements, but my mind was all about starting and finishing. Being accountable for my actions and this was the way I was going to do it. As the weeks progressed and I started eating with “a cause” and trying new food macro combination's I realized what this food was actually doing for me physically and mentally. I was energized and felt powerful. I was not worried about having the extra complex carb in the late afternoon. I went from a 1100-1200 calories diet to progressively eating as much as 1900 calories per day. I was fueling my body and my workout where becoming more intense and more varied. I was starting my day at 5am every morning and I was not dragging by 2pm. I was learning the value of food and applying what I had learned. Trial and error was what I was working with. Being patient and waiting to see the result was the tough part.

Than the last 2 weeks – I started carb depleting and cycling the calories and macro nutrients a bit. The last couple of weeks have been challenging and hard but this was the first time I allowed my mind to be sensible about what I was doing this for. It was for me -- it was not about feeling like I failed or giving up when I felt like I was done. It was about pushing forward every step of the way. Even when I got sick this past weekend - along with how I was going to get myself better, I was planning on what was I going to do to get myself better faster and finish as strong as I could, given the circumstances.

I am now thinking about “What is next for me?” Now you will probably NEVER see me on a stage -- and I feel confident enough that I can say NEVER (even though people say "never say never"). But I am enjoying the challenge. Enjoy manipulating my workouts, my eating, challenge different muscles groups and multiple muscle groups. But most importantly CHALLENGE MY MIND!!

That I can do this - That I can do anything I set my mind too. That is the real challenging - Challenging your mind to believe. This is the goals and mental challenge I want to live by and encourage my daughter to do so too. Be a strong women -- thru and thru

109 LBS
15.3% BODY FAT
NAVEL: 27.5
WAIST: 25.75

WEEK 4: January 31st
Chest: 32
Navel: 25 1/2
Waist 24 1/4
Hips 34 1/4
Right Thigh 19 1/4
Left Thigh 19

WEEK 8: Feb 27th
Weight 102.2lbs
Body Fat 13.1% (Omron)
Waist 23.75
Navel 25
Hips 33.5
Right Thigh 18.75
Left Thigh 18.75

After taking a few days off I will embarking on another journey. THE BODY FOR LIFE 2009 CHALLENGE. Another 12 week period where I will be really looking on balancing my physique, especially my upper body. My shoulders appear to be unbalanced and unfortunately it shows on the pictures -- but just another thing I can do to balance out my body and in tern my mind and build up my confidence :)


  1. Helloooo!! Do I see ABS?! Yes I do! :D Great Job, Nanc! Yes it is wonderful to see the physical results, but like you, I am focused on also on finishing what I start. There's no greater discourager for me then quitting something before I complete it - causes my mind to play negative games on me. I'm so happy for you.

    ::Giggling:: My goodness that Maddie..I want to just give her a big squeeze. She's too much! I love it! Here's to the next path of your journey!!

  2. Hi again Nancy :-) I was just looking at your photos and noticed waht you mentioned that you look like I do with left adn right sides being off, but it really looks to me that it isn't your muscles that are not symmetrical, but that your shoulders are not level. I have the same thing and look like this, too. I just started going to a chiropractor to make me right again. Have you been to one? Just throwing it out there for you to maybe consider. It looks pretty clear to me from where I sit, but I'm not a doctor.

    Keep working hard on your journey!