Friday, March 27, 2009


Over 12 weeks ago I decided that I was going to start 2009 fresh - new start and get to a point in my life that I was consciously going to consistently make progress in both professional career as a Nutritionist Consultant and physical and most importantly mentally. I think with the year almost 1/3 done, I have done just that.

My 12 week Transformation is down to the wire and I will be posting pictures soon. To my Spark page blog and my personal blog. The last couple of week have been challenging and hard but this was the first time I allowed my mind to be sensible about what I was doing this for. It was for me -- it was not about feeling like I failed or giving up when I felt like I was done. It was about pushing forward every step of the way. Even when I got sick this past weekend - along with how I was going to get myself better, I was planning on what was I going to do to get myself better faster and finish as strong as I could, given the circumstances. Well with the support of a few good Spark people and the encouraging words of so many more - I did it. I got through the rough patch. I am so happy I did and I'm already thinking about what is next for me :) Now you will probably NEVER see me on a stage -- and I feel confident enough that I can say NEVER (even though people say "never say never"). But I am enjoying the challenge. Enjoy with the help of my own trainer to manipulate my workouts, eating, challenge different muscles groups and multiple muscle groups. But most importantly CHALLENGE MY MIND!!

That I can do this - That I can do anything I set my mind too. That is the real challenging - Challenging your mind to believe.

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  1. Oh Girlfriend, you hit the nail on the head! Everything begins (or ends) in our mind. One of my favorites quotes is by Magda Gale (smurfette0725) - She said "If my mind can conceive it, my body can achieve it" So true. We just need to believe in ourselves!