Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Very behind ... But catching up.

My intentions where good, I promise :) But unfortunately due to a big that linger on longer than I anticipated I was unable to blog daily as I had hoped. So Looks like I will have to recap the last couple of days.

Saturday as I had posted was a disaster - I feel prey to Madison's bug. My darling 3 year old is a great shared, unless it happens to be treat day (which happens every 2nd week or so, where we hit the bulk barn and I scoop out about a dozen smarties for her). Theses she will not share. Her response is generally "maybe later" - later never comes or sometimes it is "No theses are my treats". Who could blame her really? It's only twice a month that she gets something "special". But this "bug" she was more than welcome to share and than it liked me so much - it came back again. Well something like that.

On Sunday I was feeling great - even got in a 55 minute cardio workout - steady and moderate with inclines and a some time on the bike. On Monday at 5am till 10am I was in the bathroom with severe diarrhea. I got out the Gatorade diluted it with water and drank that til 4 in the afternoon. Made sure to get some complex carbs in me like sprout bread and an apple seemed to settle my stomach. Weak was how i would describe yesterday. No Tuesday 3 days remaining from the challenge and I feel far better but my legs feel week. Just standing on them I do not feel strong. Not sure how I got in a workout for 70 minutes this morning at 5. But I did - now I have been eating to plan and adding some extra just to keep my energy up. My plain water jug is not my best friend today and I am trying like hell to hold on and make it through the last 3 days of my transformation challenge.

I have packing to do which I will put on the back burner til Sunday or Monday. I have to get through this week. I HAVE TO, I HAVE TO. Anything extra will just run the course of getting to tired and I do not want to do that. Want to save my energy to eat and train, eat and train, eat and train. Oh yes and get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, which I did today with my daughter. A little bitter, but the sun on my face was nice :)

I also have been busy with a new client, so that has been on the forefront of my mind as well. Everything is coming together, just have to be patient and enjoy the process.

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