Thursday, March 26, 2009


My Challenge is winding down and so am I. The diet has pretty much zapped my energy and my legs. The countless number of squats is really taking a toll on them along with the limited carbs. I am so looking forward to adding them back into my diet :) SO HAPPY!! I never thought I would say I am looking to adding more carbs. But I am -- just have to get through a couple of more days and I am GOLDEN!!!!

I have been having to find alternative ways to increase my fiber and keep the bowels moving. Not easy. Not easy at all. After my episode of severe diarrhea on Monday my digestive tract is out of sorts and it is taking a lot of efforts to try and get it back. It's still not here - but I am working on it. This morning I was moving along slowly and felling crappy and even sorry for myself. I had to talk myself of sitting on the couch all day. It is now 10:30am and I am back to a productive frame of mind. No, not going to let this diet and challenge of my body and mind get in the way of doing what needs to get done.

Madison and I spent sometime doing some quite activities like puzzles today. Well for anyone who knows my daughter - quite is not her strong so, so we did puzzles - she did them loudly. Got to love her to pieces :) So she's having a snack, I loaded the dishwasher and have it running while I post. Yes all about multitasking and trying to forget the woes of my belly.

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  1. Hang on the the days, a few more and you will be Golden. YOU are a Rockstar girl! Also check my new links on my page.