Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 9 of Day 84

So 4 more sleeps to Vegas and I want to PACK NOW!!! But I want to minimize how much I bring and if I do it now I will end up with at least half of a wardrobe I will not wear. Besides if I bring so much clothes how can I justify shopping LOL Well most of my selection will probably be some Fall clothes and well Madison has out grown everything :)

Although I had planned cardio and abs I felt like lifting heavy so I did legs some light abs and some serious HIIT cardio on the treadmill. Great burn, great sweat. Eating has been spot on and I added in an extra complex carb because of my intense leg workout. The scale has been looking good, measurements are good and well I am still looking for a smaller, more defined waistline. But I hate doing abs. I get in a few sets and I am just spent. Well I will have to keep the clean eating in the agenda and hopefully the abs will come -- but I really need to strengthen my core. Plan of attack tomorrow is WORK THESE ABS!!!

Jumped on the scale today and it read 102.2lbs which is not very motivating as I am within range. To really see the changes I have to seriously take measurements. I should do that every week or so. I'll have to dig out what my measurements where about a week ago, I am sure I wrote them done somewhere. My goals in term of measurements are as follows .... waistline closer to a 23" waistline, 18 1/2 inch for my right and left thighs --- oh yes and the hips, 33" would suit me just fine. :D I am horrible of taking upper body measurements because I never seem to measure the exact area. Oh well lower body focus it is.

Now to continue on my day with clean eating.


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  2. wow 102LBS....That's awesome! Many times we don't realize are accomplishments, until someone points them out to us. You are a success!