Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 11 of Day 84

With no commitments to walk the dog - I was able to get to bed early and up at 5am with ease. The agenda was small muscle groups - but I though why not a big muscle like my back and shoulders. It was thought - but I accomplished it along with 40 minutes of cardio, burning over 500 calories in 90 minutes. And yes I got in the ABS. What a productive morning :) And only 2 more sleeps till Vegas.

Tomorrow biceps and triceps are on the agenda along with some cardio.

Eating yesterday was right on and today I am right on track. This is what my meal plan looked like: M#1 oatmeal and 1 serving of whey protein DONE; M#2 whey protein and a pear DONE; M#3 chicken, yellow peppers and onions DONE; M#4 and Meal#5 to follow but the plan is: whey protein for meal #4 and M#5 egg whites, 1 whole egg and sprout bread. Adding that extra serving of protein is doing wonders for my energy, so I am going to continue that. I figured when I am on vacation I can still do that with ease with a whey protein drink. In control, baby, in control.

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