Friday, August 7, 2009



I am not a DVD person as most of you know, but this is one DVD I just might recommend. Actually I would definitely recommend and I just did one workout of Back & Chest. POWERFUL!! I was so pumped and enjoyed every minute of it. Chest and Back today burning over 200 calories and than onto some cardio burning another 280 calories. Powerful day for me today!! Tomorrow the agenda is to do Abs Ripped X. Sounds intense and I am sure it will be. This is the FIRST TIME EVER I have been pumped about doing abs. :D

I have no doubt in my mind that with a tightened diet that I will be impressed with my physique and what my body can do.

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  1. Congrats on a GREAT workout!
    Im a grad now so let me know how it goes. Your doing classic?

    I could not figure out how many cals I was burning.

    I sent a comment on my page for you about bb get back with me when you can.