Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 29 - LEGS

After a restful day I woke up this morning to the feeling that today would be a good idea to do LEGS. And work them I did. Made sure to get some moderate to intense cardio with Interval Training for 30 minutes. PUMPED!
I have a shopping list of all the things I need to really tighten up my diet - full of colourful vegetables and fruits, lean meats and complex carbs of brown rice, brown pasta, red potatoes and yams. I also have some legumes on the list such as red and black beans along with string beans and chick peas. I can not got wrong if I am fully prepared.
I go in my P90X videos and I think I am ready to give them a try. Ease into, as DVD are generally not my thing. But I found a cheaper DVD set at and figured what the hell. I am never going to know, unless I try it. So tomorrow a.m. that is the plan.
Well off to eat meal #1 of egg whites and natural organic oatmeal. Yum :D

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