Monday, July 20, 2009

Still here ........

Still here :) I have been busy with workouts, enjoying the weather and the new neighbourhood with my daughter and just enjoying the summer. Weather is not the most promising each and every day, but we do the best we can. This weekend I have given myself way to much lee-way in terms of eating. Well mostly Sunday -- but hey it was my birthday :D Yes I celebrated my 29th birthday for the 4th year in a row. ;)

Dh got me an awesome ice cream cake that I had 2 slices off and with the Chinese food, well lets just say I was pretty full and happy. I enjoyed my day and now back to getting in top shape. Vacation is in 7 weeks and I am back to mapping my workouts again. This morning was chest, back, some light abs and 40 minutes of moderate cardio on the bike.

The scale is nicely tucked away. No point in upsetting myself with the 2-3 lbs I know I gained from yesterday. And I am perfectly OK with that because by the end of the week they will be gone and I will have my momentum back. No worries. When my eating is clean, everything is all right in my world :D

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  1. Great to hear how well you're doing with everything, Nancy, and that you're not letting yourself stress out too much about your birthday foods. Your mind is in the right place with the great attitude about life and eating clean!

    Happy Birthday, young lady!